Smile Makeover to Bring Back Your Bright Natural Smile

One way to express your happiness is through a smile. However, when you have a dental concern, it affects your mood and lowers your confidence to smile. If you have crooked, missing, decayed, or cracked teeth, you may consider going for a Los Angeles smile makeover to help revitalize your looks.

When to consider a makeover

Different dental issues affect your smile. These include:

Missing teeth

Missing one or more teeth can negatively affect your smile appearance, the way you chew and can expose you to a high risk of tooth decay.

Stained teeth

Eating spicy food, coffee, and drinking water with fluoride can affect the color of your teeth and make you uncomfortable to show your smile.

Broken teeth

If your teeth are broken, chipped, and uneven, they can lower your self-esteem. It would help if you, therefore, considered a makeover to improve your smile appearance.

Crooked teeth

When your teeth are crooked or overlapping, they make you uncomfortable and shy to show your smile, hence needing a makeover.

Gaps between teeth and gummy smile

If you have gaps between your teeth, considering a makeover would help refine your smile, and also, when your gummy smile is reshaped, it helps alleviate your smile concerns.

Procedures used during a makeover

There are various makeover procedures that your doctor can use to improve your smile, depending on the individual’s need.

Teeth whitening

Your dentist will recommend a teeth whitening procedure if your teeth are stained and assist you in choosing the right white shade. The process can be carried out in the office, where it takes one hour, or your doctor can prepare the package for you to do at home. Your dentist will apply the whitening gel on your teeth, leave it for twenty minutes, rinse it and redo it two more times.

Dental implants

If you are missing one or more teeth, your dentist will recommend a dental implant, a permanent tooth replacement procedure. Your dentist will insert titanium posts in your jawbone and then restore it with either a bridge or a dental crown.

Porcelain veneers

Your dentist will recommend a porcelain veneer procedure for your makeover to hide dental issues like gaps between your teeth, chips, and undesired size. Your dentist will perform the process by placing a thin shell of porcelain cover over your teeth’ front surface to give your teeth a great look.

Dental crowns and bridges

If your teeth are damaged, your dentist will recommend you have a dental crown and bridge procedure. Dental crowns will refine your tooth function and look by covering it with custom-made restoration, which protects and strengthens your damaged tooth. Bridges will traverse the gap between your missing teeth.

SureSmile clear aligners

If your teeth are misaligned and crooked, your dentist will recommend SureSmile clear aligners for your makeover. The procedure will help straighten your teeth.

Maintaining your makeover

After your makeover, it would help if you have regular oral hygiene care to maintain your great results after replacing or enhancing any break-off and stain. It is good to attend all your follow-up appointments as instructed by your dentist.

If you are looking forward to restoring your natural smile, call or book an appointment online with Smile Perfector Dental Group.

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