Smile Enhancement Through Teeth Whitening

Your teeth should be naturally white, but some factors may occur damaging the white color of your teeth. There are many factors like drugs, smoking, and poor cleaning that result in teeth stains. These stains give your teeth a bad appearance and they can cause tooth decay. Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure that helps your teeth regain their original color. Teeth bleaching can be done in either an in-office or out-office program depending on your doctor’s schedule. Newport Beach teeth whitening is a healthcare facility that performs teeth bleaching and offers steps on how you can maintain your teeth. Below are different techniques involved in teeth whitening.

Different methods of making your teeth white

Teeth whitening is gradually becoming popular since health care facilities are recording many people interested in the service. There are four methods dentists can use to make your teeth white. They include:

  •       Teeth whitening trays and gels. Teeth whitening using trays and gel is effective, but it takes a long time before the results show up. The effectiveness of this method depends on the amount of bleaching agent (peroxide) in the gel. These trays must be worn two hours a day and overnight for two or two and a half weeks for the result to start showing up.
  •       In-office bleaching. This technique offers the quickest way of whitening your teeth. The dentist performs the bleaching processes on your teeth which signify the result instantly. In-office bleaching is more expensive than using trays and gel due to its immediate results.
  •       Teeth whitening toothpaste. The toothpaste has additional cleaning agents that remove surface stains on your teeth. You are required to brush your teeth with clean water at least twice a day. You should take time when you clean your teet and scrub gently to remove the stains. You will start seeing the results after some days.
  •       Teeth whitening strips. Strips are frequently used across the world. The strips contain peroxide as the whitening agent. The strips are placed overnight and during the day. The result may take a long time to show depending on the amount of peroxide in the strips.

Having looked at the possible whitening techniques, the following paragraph explains the importance of whitening your teeth.

The major significance of teeth whitening

There is much importance associated with teeth bleaching. Teeth whitening gets rid of the dull appearance of your teeth. The dull appearance is normally the yellow coloring that forms on the surface of your teeth. Bleaching also gets rid of black stains that mostly form in people who smoke, eat, or drink dark beverages and food. These stains give your teeth a bad appearance. Teeth bleaching elevates your self-esteem since it makes your teeth as white as snow. You develop a confident smile which makes you interact with your friends without fear. Tooth decay and gum diseases are less likely with teeth whitening. Stains may sometimes act as bacteria hiding positions which later results in teeth decay and gum disease.

Having white teeth is a great idea and it helps you improve your smile. There are several ways your dentist can suggest to whiten your teeth. The in-office procedure, use of strips, trays, and gels are part of methods of teeth whitening. Enamel. General & Cosmetic Dentistry performs teeth bleaching procedures professionally.

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