Slow Down Your Aging Process and Flaunt a Smooth Skin with Jeuveau

Botox has for may years enjoyed the monopoly as the only injectable skin treatment method doctors recommended to address dynamic wrinkles. However, medical professionals can now use other cosmetic injections thanks to advanced technology. Injectables like Jeuveau in New York are steadily gaining popularity, allowing the locals to experiment with different neuromodulators. Though most of the injectables share similar mechanisms, they have major differences. Therefore, knowing every compound with its pros and cons is crucial. 

What makes Jeuveau different from Botox?

Loosely referred to as new Botox or Newtox, Jeuveau is a new version of the active ingredient in the original Botox injections. Though the two share a few similarities, some key differences make Jeuveau different from other toxin injections. For starters, both Botox and Jeuveau contain botulinum toxin type A to help relax the muscles under the skin. Botox and Jeuveau will give your skin a new and smooth appearance when you use cosmetic injections as wrinkle treatments. The major difference between Jeaveau and Botox is that Jeaveau uses a different form of the active ingredient (botulinum toxin). However, Jeuveau produces similar results as Botox despite the compound combination difference. Thus, your healthcare provider may use the injections to address cosmetic issues, including frown lines and crow’s feet.

How can you make Jeuveau or Botox last longer?

Though you cannot make neuromodulators last a lifetime, you can make your results last longer. For instance:

  • Your doctor will advise you not to vigorously scrub your face within the first 24hours after the treatment. You may also avoid laser treatments or skin tightening treatments likely to heat your skin for at least three days because the heat might make the treatment less effective.
  • Minimize your exposure to the sun. Though the sun’s harmful UV rays will not destroy Jeuveau or Botox, the sun accelerates the aging process. The sun’s rays break down collagen and elastin, making your skin thin and susceptible to new wrinkles.
  • You are at risk of developing rebound wrinkles if you do not have a long-term treatment plan. Therefore, your healthcare provider will suggest regular touch-up injections to help tighten your muscles, enhancing your skin’s appearance.
  • Before your appointment date, your dermatologist will advise you to avoid using alcoholic beverages or blood thinners for approximately two weeks to minimize your chances of bruising.

Does stopping the treatment have adverse side effects?

One of the benefits you are likely to have with neuromodulators is their flexibility. You may start or stop using cosmetic injections without worrying about the possible side effects you might have. However, you may notice your wrinkles gradually resurfacing within the first six months of halting treatment. The good thing with regular treatments is that the neuromodulator injections minimize the stress on your skin, slowing down your wrinkle formation.

Additionally, you will have no adverse side effects when switching from one neuromodulator to another. You may shift from Jeuveau to Botox if you are not satisfied with your results after a few months. Experimenting with cosmetic injections is safe on one condition. Allow the previous neuromodulator to wear before jumping to the next.

Call your dermatologist to get further advice if you are interested in Jeuveau.

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