Signs That You Need To See A Urologist

Is your urological condition interfering with your everyday life? Every year, thousands of men are treated for urinary infections, prostate cancer, and other issues related to reproductive health. Michael Rotman MD is a leading urologist based out of New York City who helps patients manage various urinary conditions that interfere with their lives.

When to see your doctor

An appointment with your urologist is a specialized consultation where your doctor conducts several tests. These include blood tests, urinalysis, and imaging, e.g., X-ray, ultrasound, or MRI. Here are reasons you should seek an appointment with a urologist.

Painful urination

Painful urination can occur as a burning sensation due to infections such as sexually transmitted diseases or urethritis. Abnormalities of the prostate can also be contributing factors. Other conditions, such as kidney and bladder stones, may also cause painful urination.

Painful urination is also associated with the need to visit the bathroom more often. In case of pain, contact Michael Rotman MD, who conducts a urinalysis test to determine the cause. The doctor may then prescribe medications depending on the outcome of the test.

Overactive bladder

Overactive bladder is where your bladder muscles involuntarily contract, and can occur due to conditions such as stroke, multiple sclerosis, diabetic neuropathy, Parkinson’s disease, or pelvic trauma. Some individuals may experience blood in the urine, lower back pain, or frequent and painful urination with this condition. If you experience a full bladder sensation and frequently feel like visiting the bathroom every thirty minutes, it could be an overactive bladder. Be sure to see a doctor immediately for a full medical evaluation.

Blood in your urine

Hematuria is when you notice blood in the urine, a condition which causes urine to appear pink, brown, or tea-colored. If this is the case for you, it is essential to contact your doctor immediately.

Blood in the urine can occur because of a kidney infection, bladder infection, prostate cancer, kidney stones, and sickle cell anemia. Strenuous exercises and urinary tract injury can also cause this condition.

Unable to control the bladder

Urinary incontinence or loss of bladder control can interfere with your everyday life since urine may leak out upon sneezing or coughing. For those experiencing such symptoms, it is essential to consult a urologist who will investigate.

Lack of bladder control can also stem from an enlarged prostate, weak bladder muscles, damaged pelvic floor muscles, old age, and kidney stones.

Unable to urinate

This condition is associated with a full bladder feeling, only for the affected person to experience a blockage in urine flow when they attempt to go to the bathroom. Such individuals may also feel pain and rigidity in their lower abdomen.

If you have not urinated for twenty-four hours, contact your healthcare provider immediately and avoid the tendency to force urination. The doctor will empty the bladder by inserting a probe into it. After that, several tests are conducted to determine the cause.

Inguinal Hernia

Inguinal Hernia is yet another condition that requires urgent medical care. It occurs when a soft tissue protrudes via an opening in your lower abdominal muscles. This condition can occur due to excessive weight, pressure in your abdomen, and/or a chronic cough.

It is critical to consult a urologist when you experience any of the above conditions, as timely consultation can speed your recovery and enable you to lead a normal life.

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