Signs That You Need Professional Wound Care

When you get a cut or a prick, your tissues work together with the skin to repair it. For some reason, the wound might not heal properly, signifying complicated medical conditions. If you have a wound that is going from bad to worse, it is time you went to a Bakersfield wound care specialist for professional wound care. The following factors will help you know if you need urgent wound care from the Heart Vascular and Leg Center team:

  1. You have a wound that has not healed in 14 days

When you get a wound, you need to clean it using an antiseptic to stop the bleeding. You can also get over-the-counter medications to prevent infections, manage your pain, and speed up your recovery process. You should see improvements in less than seven days. A wound that does not heal in 14 days is a sign that you have an underlying infection. Most people with diabetes, arterial disease, and high blood pressure are more at risk of getting chronic wounds. If you fit in this category, see a wound specialist immediately.

  1. You have a risk factor that may aggravate your chronic wound

People with vascular disease, diabetes, and trauma risk getting chronic wounds since their conditions affect the natural wound healing process. Lifestyle habits such as smoking can also aggravate your risk for a chronic wound. Smoking prevents your tissues from receiving and utilizing oxygen and nutrients in your blood, delaying your wound healing. If you believe that your wound is becoming chronic due to your underlying risk factor, see your doctor immediately.

  1. Home-based remedies do not seem to work

You have taken your antibiotics as your doctor instructed. You have cleaned your wound several times, but your wound seems to be getting worse. At this point, taking more medications and delaying your visit to a wound care specialist can affect your body’s immune response. A wound care doctor can assess your wound and offer specialized care solutions.

For example, if you see a doctor at Heart Vascular and Leg Center, they can put you under hyperbaric oxygen therapy to increase your chances of healing. The best part is their optimal treatment plan works by allowing you to watch your wound heal through their TV.

Why you need a wound specialist

It is common for people with chronic wounds to try home remedies before seeking a second opinion from their doctor. While it may work the first time, you can never be sure if you are treating your wound correctly. Any mistake you make may worsen your wound and increase your chances of developing more health complications.

Seeking professional wound care is all about recognizing the warning signs to restore your quality of life. A wound care expert relies on a multidisciplinary approach to devise a suitable treatment plan for you. Whether your wound was due to a burn, cut, or an underlying risk factor, a wound care specialist can ensure you get the best treatment you need. To learn more about wound care services, schedule a consultation with your doctor.

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