Signs and Symptoms of Clinical Depression

Feeling low and depressed is the most dreadful thing. Depression is a term that is most commonly used today. Most of us go through a phase of clinical depression. The dark phase, low feeling, and lack of motivation can slow poisons that kill one person within. It is very essential that depression is treated medically on time. One must consult a doctor for depression in Charlotte and get treated ASAP.

Before you approach the doctor to begin treatment for depression, you must first understand its signs or symptoms. Depression is not a visible illness. It begins in the mind and affects the body. However, there are no physical signs of the same. Thus, making self-aware of the symptoms is a wise thing to do.

5 Major Signs of Clinical Depression:

  • Loss of hope- The feeling of hopelessness in everything is a sign of clinical depression. One doesn’t feel any hope that things will be ok and get back to normal soon. For instance, losing all hope in business or relationships can lead to severe depression.
  • Loss of confidence- Depressed people are often low in confidence. They do not feel like doing anything and often do not speak much. It is because they don’t find interest in anything. The feeling of rejection and loneliness often lets them be in the shell.
  • No interest in anything- Lack of interest in activities, job, relations, etc… is also a sign of clinical depression. Those who lack interest in everything are prone to falling sick often because they lack physical energy and an active mind. Lack of interest also involves lack of hobbies and sexual intimacy which can affect relationships too. 
  • Issues with sleep- The dark and negative thoughts keep lurking in the mind of clinically depressed people. Thus, they have improper sleep patterns. The feeling of anxiety wakes them away and doesn’t allow them to have a peaceful sleep. 
  • Irritability and short-temperament- Depressed people are often irritated even at minor things. It is because the anxiety takes over their overall personality. The feeling of being a loser doesn’t let them accept the situation calmly. They often play blame games on others and lose their temper on loved ones.

Consult a doctor if you or anyone in your family is showing the above signs of clinical depression. Consulting a doctor helps to begin with a respective treatment at the earliest.

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