Should You Really Plan Your Own Funeral? Find Here!

Most people are not comfortable talking about death, but it’s the most inevitable thing about life. It is getting increasing popular to plan a funeral in advance, because people are getting a fair idea of the advantages. If you check for funeral customs in Singapore, you will realize that the rituals and processes depend on many factors, including the religion of the deceased. There are people who stick to a completely traditional funeral for the departed soul, while some prefer things to be informal and not religious at all. In this post, we are discussing all you need to know about the whys and how of planning your own funeral.

Underlining the reasons

For most people, preplanning their funeral is a step ahead in letting their last wishes known. While relatives and family members will do what they can to honor your soul, you can choose to actually define how you want to be remembered. It also saves considerable money, because you would be hiring and paying a funeral service in advance and only for the things you need. Keeping a check on some of the minute details gets easier, and you can actually also let people know that your death is not a financial burden on them. Many times, family members end up spending a lot more than they should, more so because they are dealing with grief and they want to show their respect. You can reduce their work and help them have the time they need.

How to go about it?

There are many known funeral services that can offer insurance or a package to plan your own wedding, and you can always ask for details. Discuss your requirements, find more on what they can offer, and the services they provide. If you are a free thinker, you may ask for a simple after-death ritual, or else, you can even specify how you want to be dressed and details related to casket, makeup, and whether you want to be cremated or buried. All the details can be specified, and if you have any specific wishes, you can always discuss the same. The best funeral services always have ready packages, so you can check for that too.

Planning your funeral is a more sensible choice when you are suffering from terminal illness, but you can choose to do that any point of time in your life, especially over the age of 70. Life is unpredictable, but you can at least decide and let people know what you want in death.

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