Relieving Your Shoulder Pain

Your shoulder is a combination of joints, tendons, and muscles that allows a versatile and wide range of motion. Impingement of these structures can result in pain that can be temporal or last for a long time. It is common to have shoulder pain, especially as you age. To younger people, it might be as a result of injuries or accidents.

With appropriate treatment to improve your shoulder’s strength and flexibility, pain can be reduced and, after a short time, settled. For this reason, you should consider Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine, which has helped many with shoulder pain in Ramsey. They offer a proven and successful shoulder pain treatment lead by pain medicine physicians, Kevin McElroy, DO, and Steven Ferrer.

When to Seek Treatment

There are natural remedies you can do at home to relieve shoulder pain. They include rest, activity modification, shoulder exercises, and stretches, among others. However, a severe shoulder injury or illness that persists should trigger you to seek treatment from a specialist like NQ Physio in Townsville.

If you experience swelling, redness, or tenderness around your shoulder, visit Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine in Ramsey, New Jersey, for treatment. If you can’t do your day to day activities well due to shoulder pain, or your normal physical state is impaired, you should also book an appointment.

Therapies for Your Shoulder Pain

You should always seek the best treatment for your shoulder pain. Such is offered at Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine for the best results that you deserve. Here are some of the treatment procedures that you can receive after a physical examination and tests.

  •   Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can help you recover your physical ability impaired by your shoulder pain. At Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine, this, together with rehabilitative exercises, is done by the trained professional team to restore muscle strength and improve your shoulder flexibility.

  •   Hot or Cold Therapy

This therapy requires expertise to know when to use a hot or cold treatment method. The professionals at Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine have excellent know-how and can use it effectively to relax your shoulder muscles and numb sharp pain.

  •   Splinting and Athletic Taping

A splint or a tape are used, where necessary, to maintain a stable position of your shoulder muscles and improve their strength.

  •   Steroid Injections

They are anti-inflammatory medicines for various conditions such as joint pains and should only be applied by health professionals such as those at Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine.

  •   Regenerative Medicine

It is applicable where tissues have been destroyed as it helps in repairing or replacing them.

  •   Regenerative Medicine

It is used to enhance muscle contractions. This contraction can keep the muscles active and improve muscle strength and, therefore, be essential to treat your shoulder pain.

Other therapies include acupuncture, Osteopathic Manipulation Treatment (OMT), and Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine can prescribe limited use medications only when necessary.

Shoulder pain should stress you out and affect your quality life. You deserve to enjoy a pain-free life, and to help you achieve this, Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine can give you the quality, compassionate treatment you need.

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