Quick Conversions: How Many Teaspoons in a Tablespoon?

If you are in the middle of baking or cooking, you might be too frazzled to remember how many teaspoons are in a tablespoon? Sometimes when you have a good flow going, you might get confused with your measurements and don’t have the time to stop and do the math in your head.

Use the following quick reference guide next time you are in the midst of a baking spree. And you don’t know how many teaspoons in a tablespoon.

How To Measure Teaspoons in a Tablespoon?

For cooking and baking, the most common measurements are cups and spoons. The cup to tablespoon measurements are as follows:

16 tbsp = 1 cup

8 tbsp = ½ cup

4 tbsp = ¼ cup

Tablespoons are the most commonly used in baking, especially when it comes to dry ingredients. And of course, a tablespoon is sturdier and bigger than a teaspoon, so unless a very small amount is needed, they are used most frequently. For example, a recipe might call for “one tablespoon of olive oil” or “½ tablespoon of baking powder.”

Teaspoons are used in some recipes though. And let’s be honest, we have so many other things on our minds these days, teaspoon to tablespoon conversions aren’t among them!

Not only are these common measures used in baking, but they are also used in many DIY recipes such as homemade cleaners, face masks, and other home remedies.

Typically, this is the way in which tablespoons are used in cooking or household recipes

*NB: One tablespoon = 14.3328, or 14.3 grams.

*NB2: Tablespoon is abbreviated as “tbsp while teaspoon is “tsp” in cookbooks, online recipes or recipe apps.

Tablespoon measurements are as follows:

  • 1 tbsp
  • ¾ tbsp
  • ⅔ tbsp
  • ½ tbsp
  • ⅓ tbsp
  • ¼ tbsp
  • ⅛ tbsp

Teaspoons, on the other hand, are used to measure the smallest amount of an ingredient. For example “add one teaspoon of almond extract or “¼ teaspoon of coconut oil.”

Teaspoon measurements are as follows:

  • 1 tsp
  • ¾ tsp
  • ⅔ tsp
  • ½ tsp
  • ⅓ tsp
  • ¼ tsp
  • ⅛ tsp

NB: One teaspoon = 4.7776, or 4.7 grams.

Of course, when cooking or baking, most prefer to use a tablespoon when it comes to measuring. And let’s be real, metric units can be confusing when it comes to the kitchen and following recipes.

While you can be a little more lenient when it comes to cooking to allow for creativity, baking is more of an exact science and leaves little to no room for error in measuring. This is of the utmost importance when it comes to adding ingredients by teaspoon, as too much or too little could completely alter your end result!

Okay so now we finally get down to it: exactly how many teaspoons are in a tablespoon?

There are 3 teaspoons to one tablespoon. Memorize this and write it down somewhere you can see it readily. This will be especially helpful if you happen to misplace your tablespoon and need only have a teaspoon handy!

We hope this will help you in your future baking and cooking endeavors. Now don that apron and get cooking!

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