Preparing Your Garage Door for An Emergency Amid COVID-19 Quality

You may not think much about your garage door now. After all, everyone is home due to statewide lockdown measures for the COVID-19 virus and you are only using it to drive out to get groceries or other essential supplies.

However, the fact that the whole family is home is the reason you should pay attention to your garage and maybe consider garage door repair. A power outage or a bad pully could mean your family can’t get to vehicles to get out if there was an emergency. You want to be able to leave to go to the hospital or to escape the house if something dire happens.

Now is the perfect time to check on your garage and fix anything that is keeping it from functioning properly. After all, it is essential.

There are five things you can do to make sure your door is prepared during the COVID-19 state of emergency.

Check Functioning Parts

You should inspect your garage door on a routine basis. That includes rollers, screws, bolts, cables, and pulleys. While you shouldn’t try to repair these yourself, you should take note of wear and tear so you can inform a garage repair professional.

Check the Reverse Mode

Every electronic door is supposed to automatically stop if there is something in the door. Put something like a 2×4 piece of wood in the door and try to close the garage to make sure it works properly.

Keep the Garage Remote in a Safe Place

This is incredibly important with children at home all the time. Children unknowingly like to play with remotes and this could damage your garage system.

Explain Dangers to Children

Those with young children need to tell them that putting fingers in certain parts of the door, like the panels, will lead to injury. Also, explain to them they shouldn’t use the garage door to exit the home unless they are with you.

Change the Access Codes

Many doors today have rolling code technology. If yours doesn’t be sure to change the codes. The codes are typically manufacturer’s codes but remember they are logged onto a computer somewhere. That is a security risk. Change the code to something you will remember and keep it in a safe place.

It doesn’t hurt to have a routine inspection on your system once a year to see if you need garage door repair. You can call a professional service like K & B Door Co to look at your system and offer any recommendations for improving the safety of it.

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