Perks of Laser Resurfacing for Your Face

The quest for ageless skin has bought out a revolutionary treatment such as laser resurfacing. The treatment helps eliminate wrinkles, acne scarring, bruises, and blemishes, leaving behind smooth and subtle skin. This procedure can help all skin types and skin tones, thereby removing the question of purchasing skincare products that may or may not go for your skin.

Professionals like Mrs. Leslie Forrester in Naperville can help guide you through facial laser surfacing, prepping you to achieve clarity in your skin.

Here are a few perks of laser resurfacing:

Unwanted Tattoos

Got a tattoo and regretted getting it? This procedure can help blot out the ink from the epidermis, gradually restoring that patch of skin to its old form. 

Removal of Wrinkles 

Skin aging can be seen through the fine lines and wrinkles near the eyes and the mouth. Laser resurfacing gets rid of these wrinkles and not only makes your skin smoother and younger-looking but adds a healthy glow too.

Enhances Collagen Production

Skin appears to be elastic and bouncy when young due to the collagen present. As age increases, collagen production decreases. This can lead to your skin beginning to sag. The resurfacing procedure can help tighten the skin and enhance collagen production in the treated areas, returning the elasticity.

Removal of Blood Vessels

The appearance of spider veins or broken capillaries on the surface of the skin can be caused by various factors like skin irritation, sunlight exposure, hormones, alcoholism, drug use, etc. Laser resurfacing can help get rid of this in one to two sittings.

Reduction in Scarring

Self-confidence stems from the overall appearance. Scars left behind from acne, accidents, or traumatic injuries and even surgery could diminish self-confidence. Laser resurfacing can help reduce the visibility of such imperfections and at times remove them, too, which can help give the push much needed.

Elimination of Skin Discoloration and Pigmentation

Skin darkening, red or brown spots on the skin, unwanted freckles, etc., may be caused by hormones, sun exposure, or even aging. The laser treatment can help eradicate such spots and discoloration and balance skin tone throughout.

Treats Enlarged Pores

Enlarged pores on the skin are primarily caused by aging and the individuals’ genetic makeup. When up close, these pores could make a person conscious. Laser resurfacing can help get rid of these pores by minimizing their size.

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