Outdoor Wood Burners: Are they Truly Worth your Investment?

Traditional wood burners have been improved and refined with better efficiencies to produce heat. A modern outdoor wood furnace for sale is both stylish and can heat a big area. It is possible to adapt add-on wood furnaces to existing fuel oil and propane furnaces to offer an optional or dual form of heating. We can also facilitate aftermarket propane or waste oil burner in addition to our boiler burning wood and/or coal. The popularity of outdoor wood-fired boilers has increased significantly among people with access to wood and those looking to replace conventional heating methods. But, are these units worth the investment? Keep reading to know the answer:

How Outdoor Wood Broilers Work

These wood-fired water heaters are placed outdoors away from the space being heated. Often, the firebox heat exchanger of the furnace is surrounded by a water jacket and the heated water is circulated to the house or other structure through insulated underground pipes. When the heated water is brought into the home it can be designed to work with existing heating systems. The unit can heat multiple buildings from one furnace including barns, greenhouses, workshops, garages, and even pools.

Advantages of the System

If you are looking to buy a wood burning furnace for sale, you can expect to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Because the unit is placed outdoors, smoke and fire hazards are virtually eliminated causing these to get rave reviews from fire departments because there is zero risk of a chimney fire in the home.
  • As the broiler is outside, smoke, ash, and soot are eliminated. Also, a home will experience reduced dryness.
  • Coal and wood are affordable when compared to more traditional heating sources. Burning wood is an inexpensive and safe way to heat a home.
  • Heat control. The unit comes with thermostat control that keeps the heat at a constant level. Sometimes, this is hard to achieve with an indoor wood stove.
  • The unit is a simple way to heat a home or building. Users usually feed their boiler once or twice a day in most cases although a boiler can be sized with a bigger firebox to lengthen the burn times which means less loading. We have seven different sizes to accommodate any need.
  • Eco-friendliness. An outdoor wood-burning furnace is better for the planet. Burning all-natural, renewable fuels is the most eco-friendly heating method in the world. Using the unit will reduce the amount of gas and oil that a home may use. The method used for extracting fossil fuels is damaging. Home systems are not efficient burners unless they are constantly and professionally maintained. Usually, electricity is produced by coal-fueled or hydroelectric plants that impact the environment.

A timber-fueled system is the only way to warm your home that offers many benefits. And with a bit of extra work, homeowners can get all this for free. Wood tends to grow virtually everywhere, making wood-burning furnaces worth the money.

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