Office management software and other tips for better office management

Office building management is no joke. You have to maximise occupancy whilst remaining profitable and attracting long-term tenants. Proper management is inseparable from a commercially successful office building. This means that you should know every trick and in the book in order to maximise profits and reduce unnecessary expenditures, right? If you believe so, well then keep on reading because we will give you five unique tips on how to better manage an office or an office building!

Office management software is a must-have

Most office management software solutions are developed to meet the needs of commercial property owners and managers. Implementing this computer application into your management process does so many great things. For starters, it helps you organise data about the tenants and lease units. Signing documents is much easier because it’s easy to do so electronically. Moreover, you can manage contracts with the tenants, schedule maintenance, generate invoices, pay bills. It really is an all-in-one type of solution.

Hiring an office manager

Not having a dedicated office manager is really a weakness of an office. If a huge, commercially successful and valuable space isn’t being managed and supervised, it is going to run into serious issues further down the road.

Maintenance isn’t going to be scheduled, supplies aren’t going to be ordered and other issues won’t be fixed. The manager will be responsible for handling and procuring office tools and other inventory that might be needed by the employees or maintenance staff. It’s an essential job role that can distinguish commercially successful offices from failing ones.

Allocating space for subletting

Try to waste no space in your office and sublet desks, office spaces or entire floors if there is an opportunity to do so. With so much automation being implemented in the world of business and remote work becoming a more prevalent reality, you should always look for commercial opportunities to find stable sources of income.

By subletting space that you aren’t using, you not only reduce the financial burden of trying to upkeep a certain space, but you can also profit from leasing or renting it out. By allocating space for subletters, office buildings can turn the financial corner!

Thorough analysis and reviews every quarter

Office managers or the representatives of the company that manages the office should carry out reviews and do analysis of the workplace every now and then. There are always areas for improvement. Maybe the office needs newer software management tools to help reduce paper trail?

Maybe the lunch area needs to be expanded or maybe there is the possibility to restructure the 3rd floor in order to lease it out? Whichever detail can be improved upon, performance reviews and area analysis can help figure out.


All in all, we have to conclude that managing the office is much harder than it seems from the outside. There are so many areas and things to take care of, that without the right tools, the office building will have a hard time remaining profitable. So, beginning with high-end office management software that covers almost all needs of an office building, ending with the hire of an office manager, constant strive to sublet more space and analysis of the office, these were the ways of how you can better manage the office!

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