Merits and Demerits of Contact Lenses- A Complete Guide for Glass Wearers

Many people are not comfortable wearing glasses because they feel that they don’t look good. From children to youngsters and even senior people, wearing glasses is a struggle mentally and physically. They have to deal with a number of issues such as misplaced glass, marks on the face, and even bullying. On the other hand, specialty contact lenses in San Antonio have gained more popularity because of their countless benefits. If you are one of those people, who want to say goodbye to glasses and opt. for contact lenses, you must become familiar with their pros and cons beforehand.

Pros of Contact Lenses

Some of the pros and reasons for wearing contact lenses are explained below:

  • They give a wider field of vision because the contact lenses are of the shape of the eyes. They act and feel like eyes and can help you see from the corners as well. On the contrary, glasses are flat and inflexible. Some people report that they are not able to see properly on their left and right sides.
  • If you are wearing contact lenses, you don’t need to worry about the reflection of the light at the time of driving at night. Many people are not able to see properly because the lights of the vehicle coming from the opposite direction fall on the glasses and cause reflection. It may be risky for the driver and people sitting in the vehicle. This problem is not faced by the people wearing contact lenses. However, they have to be careful when driving in windy conditions.
  • One of the remarkable benefits of contact lenses is that you won’t get steamy and water spots. When a person wears glasses, he gets these spots if the weather is cold outside making it difficult for him to see things. It does not happen if he is wearing contact lenses. The vision is always clear as that of natural eyesight.

Cons of Contact Lenses

As everything comes with some side effects, contact lenses do have some disadvantages as mentioned below:

  • Contact lenses require proper care and hygiene. They may cause irritation and allergy if they become contaminated.
  • There are a number of directions to use contact lenses, unlike eyeglasses.
  • Improper use of contact lenses may cause serious damages and diseases in the eyes.

If you want to use contact lenses, it is strongly recommended to get in touch with an eye specialist. 

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