Math Is Now Simpler With The Revolutionary Math Apps

As years move by, technology grows and develops to unimaginable levels. For many years, solving mathematical problems has been a tedious process because some of the questions involve complex formulae and long steps before arriving at the solution. However, that has changed. In this era, there are many mathematical applications that have made it easier to solve mathematical problems. Math answer apps have provided a platform that enables people to solve different mathematical problems with the least effort and highest accuracy. Math is a broad field with numerous concepts such as algebra, basic math, calculus, vectors, and graphical analysis, among many others. Below are some of the renowned applications used in modern-day mathematical calculations.


Solve4x is a free iOS math application used to solve equations. Mathematical equations can have different unknown values or high degrees, which are tedious to evaluate manually. The app has come in handy to solve the equations by typing it in the app or taking a photo of the equation. The application can snap a picture and process the entire equation before solving it. However, this application does not support equations with brackets.

MyScript Calculator

MyScript Calculator is another mathematical application used to solve equations. It differs from the Solve4x app by the method of feeding it with the question. This revolutionary app can recognize handwriting, and therefore equations are written on the screen, and the app will process it. It can solve several equations, which include basic arithmetic and cube and square roots. However, it cannot compute mathematical problems involving percentages, logarithms, and trigonometry.

Scientific Calculator

The scientific calculator is standard among android users because it is available for free in the Google play store. This mathematical application can process a lot of mathematical functions such as logarithms, trigonometry, basic arithmetic, and exponential functions, among many more. It has a well put history which lets users review their previous answers from worked out questions.


Photomath is one of the best question solvers in mathematics because of its superior design. It can detect questions from pieces of paper when the camera is directed towards them and proceed to solve them accurately. It may be an uphill task identifying handwritten questions because of the diverse handwritings, but it flawlessly detects printed questions. The application solves equations, algebra, and basic arithmetic as well as shows all the steps followed before the solution was arrived at. It also keeps a log of all the previously solved questions, which can be accessed anytime. It is a free application that is available on both windows phone and iOS for free.

Therefore, math answer app has gone the extra mile of helping solve complex mathematical questions in the shortest time possible. This has saved time for many people and provided a platform for accuracy when solving mathematical problems. The use of Photomath, Scientific Calculator, MyScript Calculator, and Solve4x, among many other apps, is the sure way to get accurate answers to equations, trigonometry, and logarithms questions.

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