Lucha Libre Wrestling: Understanding How it Works

Lucha libre is Mexican wrestling is a traditional form of light entertainment with roots dating back to the 19th century. It is characterized by colorful masks, exuberant personalities, and lots of Spandex. This event is brought to Arizona every year during the Arizona Taco Festival as one of the highlighted events. If you wondering how Lucha Libre wresting works, keep reading:

Rules of the Ring

During a Mexican wrestling match, two or more wrestlers face off in a ring and try to pin down their opponents for three seconds over a three-round course. The stories and stunts of each match are carefully choreographed. For any Mexican wrestler, Mexican wrestling requires more athletic skill that other types of wrestling in the world. The biggest lucha matches include two wrestlers betting their masks. No luchador will reveal their real name while in character or remove their mask without being forced to. The loser will remove their mask at the end of the right, thus, revealing their identity. A luchador who can defend their mask gets a higher status in the ring and the lucha libre world. Luchadores who don’t wear masks may wager their hair. The one who will lose will need to have his hair publicly shaved.

Good Versus Bad

A typical Mexican wrestling match involves the good guys battling it out against the bad guy, with an array of backflips, dropkicks, and leg locks. Both wrestlers whirl around the ring. The fighters slam like the best of them in between blowing kisses to the crowd. The fight also involves the exoticos or wrestlers in drag. There are also dwarves or los minis that may or may not get thrown around the ring. But, the los enmascarados (the masked ones) constitute the biggest difference between American and Mexican wrestling.

Usually, there will be two referees to keep the underhand moves of the bad guy in check. To win the fight, the wrestler must pin two of their opponents or take out the captain of the opposing team.

The Moves

A lucha libre bout’s move is still impressive to watch in action even if it’s highly stylized. Typically, it is characterized by plenty of flamboyant, aerial maneuver and speedy combinations. As with American wrestling, a lot o the moves are named for the wrestlers who have perfected them and use them regularly for their advantage. Popular moves include the huracán rana, which is a twist on the classic ran that Huracán Ramírez developed, plancha, and centon.

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