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Weight gain is mostly associated with eating too much, but when you cannot cut weight no matter how much you watch your diet and exercise and you have a body mass index (BMI) of 35-39.9, 40 or higher and a weight-related health issue, then Lone Star Bariatrics’ Plano Gastric Sleeve treatment is your desired answer. They are available to help you lose a significant amount of weight and get that body shape you always wanted hence living a healthier life. Besides feeling how you look at this minimally invasive bariatric surgery, it reduces your risk of getting health complications such as high cholesterol, hypertension, and sleep apnea, among many others.


Some of the weight loss solutions that have been suggested include eating food low in calories, drinking a lot of water, avoiding too much alcohol, and exercising, among many more. However, Gastric sleeve surgery has proven to work without fail in just an hour and an overnight hospital stay. For clients who have tried the loose weight, this solution can attest that it is the best there is.


The hospital is staffed with a team of qualified paramedics and skilled staff who perform gastric sleeve procedures laparoscopically using small instruments, bougie, and a miniature camera to guide them. The professionals remove approximately three-quarters of your stomach, leaving a small portion resembling a banana in shape through a tiny incision that they create in your abdomen, hence reducing the amount of food you can eat for the rest of your life.

Gastric sleeve surgery controls your blood sugar as well as impacts the hormone in your gut that contributes to the feeling of fullness and hunger.

This surgery is a permanent lifestyle change; with it, you experience appetite reduction, which makes it easier to lose weight quickly as your body adjusts. Therefore Dr. Carlton and his team work closely with you to discuss the procedure, your weight loss expectation, the risk associated with this surgery, and whether you are fit for the life-changing experience.

When you undergo surgery, the experienced surgeons at Lone Star Bariatrics walk the journey with you until you learn to listen to your new stomach signals and make healthy food choices avoiding possible stomach restretch, which makes you experience weight gain.

To ensure the greatest long-term success of this surgery, call Lone Star Bariatrics and schedule an appointment with them. They care about your safety and looks and are ready to change the way you feel about yourself and also the way the world looks at you.

Your health is more important than anything else. Therefore, you should make sure your weight is in check, and your overall body will be in good condition. Dr. Carlton and his team use the most modern technologies to give you a specialized treatment that will leave you feeling much better at an affordable price.

Contact them today and get the immediate help that you require, and you will be on your feet in just an overnight rest in their care.

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