Let Go of The Self-Consciousness and Show Off Your Best Smile

Any dentist will tell you that the only way to prevent dental issues is by taking care of your oral health. Oral hygiene is not only brushing your teeth for fresh breath. It is making sure you contain risks associated with gum diseases that could affect your overall health. Your trusted dentist in Bronx, Dr. Nishita and her team of professionals offer their clients a wide range of solutions to their dental problems. Whether it is tooth sensitivity, gum treatment, or missing teeth, the specialists’ team will make sure they restore your smile. 

Preventive dentistry

Preventing your dental health from possible future problems is essential. The practice helps lower your risks of developing dental problems like tooth loss, cavities, and periodontal diseases. Preventive dentistry not only prevents you from oral health worries but also helps save the resources that you would otherwise spend on treatments.

Preventive dentistry services to facilitate your oral health include

  •         Dental sealants. A sealant is a tooth-colored material that bars plaque and bacteria from penetrating your teeth, thus preventing tooth decay.
  •         Oral cancer screening. Routine screening helps detect worrying signs of cancer that your doctor can take care of before the condition escalates to a severe extent.
  •         Nightguards. Your doctor will customize your night guards to prevent your teeth from eventually wearing out because of nighttime teeth grinding.
  •         Smoking cessation. Smoking makes your oral health vulnerable to several dental problems. Therefore, your doctor will walk you through the process to enhance your oral health.

Cosmetic dentistry

Unlike preventive dentistry that enhances dental functionality, cosmetic dentistry helps treat areas that affect a good smile’s perceptions. You are likely to be self-conscious when you smile because of issues like the length, size, color, and shape of your teeth. These problems could result from cracks, misshapen teeth, stained enamel, or uneven gum tissue. Depending on your condition, your dentist can recommend several treatments including

  •         Teeth whitening. Your dentist can either do an in-office treatment with a peroxide-based gel to whiten the teeth or give you take-away whitening treatments like custom-made bleaching trays to suit your aesthetics needs.
  •         Veneers. Veneers are wafer-thin, stain-resistant, porcelain restorations that bond to your teeth. The materials cover your teeth, enhancing their appearance.
  •         Cosmetic bonding. The treatment is suitable for individuals with gaps and broken or cracked teeth.



While some people have an attractive dental formula, others could need a little help to help them achieve their dream smile. If you are a person that feels uncomfortable with metal brackets and wires, your doctor will recommend Invisalign. A clear aligner is a modern approach that gradually straightens your teeth without being visible to the naked eye. These clear aligners have various benefits. Apart from their unnoticeable characteristics, they are comfortable and convenient.

You are most likely to cover your smile when you have a dental problem because of the embarrassment you feel when everyone sees your deformity. Do not feel cautious showing off your smile when you can contact the dental experts to help give you your desired smile. For information on dental problems and available treatment options, contact the professionals at Nishita Gandhi, DDS.


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