Learn More about Butterfly Valves!

There are different kinds of valves available in the market, out of which the most commonly noticed is the control valves supply. There are different purposes for which control valves are used and there are different kinds in which these valves are available, out of which butterfly valve has a very special purpose.

Wondering what the butterfly valve is and what are its uses?

If you have no idea about butterfly valves and you want to know about them, you have come at the right place – we are going to tell you about some of the most important things related to butterfly valves:

What is a butterfly valve?

In a waste treatment system, there is a valve that is used to control all the movements of liquids. This is the valve that is known as butterfly valve. In all the waste treatment systems, this type of valve itself is used and thus, it has a very high importance in the market because of its high demands. It is that kind of an HVAC valve that would always give the best functions when it is used. While the ball valve is the latest option in the field of control valves, butterfly valve has been in the market since quite some time now.

  • The nominal diameter of the butterfly valve is quite large and thus, it is used for the waste treatment system very widely.
  • There is a disc that rotates right around the shaft of the valve. This function of the butterfly valve allows it to open and close the way it should.
  • The body of the valve is created from carbon steel, which makes it strong, durable and great in performance.
  • If the handle is turned to 90 degrees, it is noticed that the butterfly valve is closed. If the flow path and handle are parallel to each other, the valve is on.
  • There are metal seated butterfly valves available in the market as well.

Now that you know about butterfly valves, ensure to get the best one for yourself from all the names available in the market.

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