Kisan Credit Card: How to Apply Online

In today’s world, having a credit card is almost inevitable, and is often considered a status of success. A rather ironic definition one must admit, given that unlike a debit card that enables you to spend money that is present in your account, using a credit card effectively sees you take out a loan every time you swipe your card. Therefore, a credit card is effectively a remote loan taking permit. This is the concept that was applied when the Kisan credit card or KCC was invented.

Implemented in the year 1998 by the Reserve Bank of India in collaboration with the NABARD, the Kisan credit card was an attempt to help farmers get easier access to loans at more equitable rates. Previously, these farmers had to depend on offline or non-banking sources for their loans. These loans, with unusually high interest rates would often be counterproductive, causing farmers more harm than good. The kisan credit card aims to combat this. Using the kisan credit card, farmers can take out loans for their occupation, or withdraw cash to fund the same.

The Kisan credit card offers a number of benefits to farmers. It vastly simplifies the loan application and screening process for a loan, which farmers might not understand or be able to maneuver correctly. Additionally, it also makes amendments to the credit evaluation systems applied in urban economies to account for the rural base. Any loans taken on the kisan credit card can be cleared after the harvest season, and since the credit card is linked to one’s savings account, there is a need to operate just one account. Additionally, the government has also advised that the kisan credit card now be turned into a smart card with debt features as well.

How to Apply for Kisan Credit Card

The kisan card is supported by almost all commercial banks, state cooperative banks as well as Regional Rural banks. Therefore, the kisan credit card online application process is fairly similar for all providers.

  1. Visit the Website of your provider of choice.
  2. Select the KCC or Kisan Credit Card Option.
  • Click the “Apply now” Button.
  • Fill in the necessary details.
  • Click “submit”.

KCC Interest Rate


The KCC interest rate for a kisan credit card depends more or less on the bank you are availing the service from. Here is a KCC interest rate card that includes some of the offerings by banks.

Name of Bank Interest Rate.
SBI Min. 2%, Initially 7%.
PNB Min 4%
Axis Bank Min 8.85%
HDFC Min 9% : Max 16.69%
Indian Overseas Bank 7%


The kisan credit card is a useful loan feature targeted at simplifying financials for farmers that are looking for funds to sustain their farms and businesses. With this, they can now avoid having to approach anyone else other than a bank for a loan, and can pay back their dues at a predetermined time, and at a fair interest rate as per the Kisan Credit Card limit. The Finserv MARKETS website has a number of Kisan credit card offerings. Visit the Finserv MARKETS websites today to compare KCC interest rate and pick the best offering for you.


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