Ketamine Infusion: The Gold Standard in the Treatment of Neuropathic Pain

Neuropathic pain is one type of chronic pain that you experience when your nerves are damaged or if your nervous system has complications. Most people complain of a burning and sharp pain that is unbearable, leaving you devastated.  Fortunately, ketamine infusion in Ionia can help you get relieved from your pain and enjoy your daily activities.

Causes of Neuropathic Pain

Neuropathic pain can be caused by numerous reasons such as diseases, infection, medication, and injury. Diseases like diabetes can cause neuropathic pain, making you lose your ability to experience pain or may cause stinging or burning in your toes and limbs.

Trigeminal neuralgia is a condition that has extreme neuropathic pain and it affects one side of your face. The cause of this condition is not known, but it is said to be very common. Medication such as cancer treatment, chemotherapy, and radiation can crush your nervous system, causing neuropathic pain.

If you take excessive alcohol, you are at a high risk of getting chronic neuropathic pain because alcohol damages your nerves. The effects can be painful and long-lasting.

Spinal nerve compression injuries can cause neuropathic pain; especially spinal cord compression and herniated discs because they can harm your nerve fibers within your spine.

Phantom pain is a result of the amputation of your leg or arm. Your nerves around the amputation continue sending false pain signals to your brain despite not having the body part.

Neuropathic pain may also occur if you have HIV infections. You may experience stinging and burning unfamiliar pain. Syphilis infection may also cause neuropathic pain.

Symptoms of Neuropathic Pain

When you are suffering from neuropathic pain, you may have numerous symptoms. These include:

  •         Spontaneous pain that comes about without activation
  •         Sharp, burning, shooting, and stabbing pain
  •         A feeling of tingling and prickling
  •         An irritating, unusual sensation either evoked or unforced
  •         Emotional problems due to pain and difficulty in sleeping
  •         Evoked pain caused by non-painful events like combing your hair

Diagnosis of Neuropathic Pain

Your doctor will request to go through your detailed medical history and perform some physical examinations to determine the root cause of your neuropathic pain. If the results are not promising, your doctor may recommend you to go for further testing, including blood tests and electromyography to check on your nerves. You may also be requested to have imaging tests like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of your spinal cord or brain.

Treatment of Neuropathic Pain

At Advanced Pain Solution, your specialist doctors will use ketamine infusion to treat your neuropathic pain.

During the treatment, your doctor will ensure you are relaxed and comfortable. Through your arm vein, your doctor will establish an IV line and begin the infusion.  The process takes 1-2 hours to produce optimal results. Your doctor will administer you throughout the infusion.

After you are through with the treatment, your doctor will request you to rest a bit before going home. Depending on your condition, you might experience remarkable improvement after your first treatment.  However, your doctor may recommend a series of infusions for a long-lasting result.

For more details on how to relieve neuropathic pain through ketamine infusion, call or book an appointment online with Advanced Pain Solutions.

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