Keeping your kids healthy and energetic

Do you know that 1 in 4 children are recommended to perform 60 minutes of physical activity each day? That might seem normal if children go to school or play with their friends, but it is important to keep a check on the kinds of physical activities they are performing so that they stay healthy and energetic. Children are as stubborn as they are active, so teaching them healthy habits may be a tough nut to crack; but we have got you covered. By practicing these few simple things, you can ensure your kid gets the optimum amount of exercise each day.

  • Letting them have little breaks

Nowadays, a hectic study schedule has placed a huge burden on adolescents and even younger children. Their body thus gets inactive and they tend to become lazy. Parents should ask them to take little breaks in between for minor tasks like getting a glass of water from the kitchen or helping in light errands. Mobility is very important so that children do not turn out to be obese.

  • Build resistance in them

One of the key factors behind a healthy body is immunity. Extreme care and pampering by parents tend to make children sensitive to environmental changes and not letting them do their tasks on their own makes them sluggish. Children should be taught to live in certain harsh situations like changes in temperature to build their resistance. Needless to say, timely vaccination is also important.

  • Consult your child’s pediatrician

Nobody can help demarcate essential points for keeping children healthy as a child specialist. You can consult one for designing a customized child food chart and exercise plan for your child as per his needs and schedule.

  • Be the role model for your child

It is said that children learn fast and look up to their parents. If you are a workaholic who fails to find time for exercise and proper diet, perhaps that is what your child might take after. Engage in weekend sport activities with your children which are developmentally adequate and which they really enjoy. Sit for family meals and keep healthy food in your meal so that they see and learn.

  • Teach them discipline

Every task should be done in a disciplined manner. Set limits on their lifestyle including their screen time or the amount of junk they have each month. Set goals and reward them for achieving the same.

  • Teach your child healthy habits

Use infographics to teach your children healthy living habits, like not to share their personal belongings, washing their hands before eating and covering their mouth and nose before sneezing or coughing. Make them aware of common diseases.

Parents can also ensure to introduce some interesting school tiffin recipes as well to ensure a great health and energetic time for kids. Thus, by following these measures, you can keep your children energetic and healthy.

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