How to Overcome Sun Hangover After a Beach Vacation in Key West?

Have you been to beaches, and are you stuck with a sun hangover? Hitting the beaches is always fun, but the after-effects of spending some great time on the beach can be frustrating and irritating, especially in summers. Yes, we are talking about sunburns which are popularly called Sun hangovers. Sunny Hangovers can be hard to deal with when you are on vacation. But when you are on vacation in Key West, cure hangover key west has become easier with hangover recovery hospitals in the region. Yes, all kinds of hangovers can be easily treated and relieved with some excellent hangover recovery centers in Key West.

The hangover recovery centers in Key West provide instant pain relief, quick healing, and effective reduction of inflammation to make the rest of your vacation days fun, hassle-free, and happy. Sun hangover really sucks, especially when you are on your vacation. Why compromise on vacation days if you can relieve yourself from your sun hangover by sitting for 45-minutes?

Let us see how hangover recovery centers in Key West relieve you from your sun hangover in 45-minutes.

A Guide to Sunburn Recovery Procedure at Hangover Recovery Centers

The hangovers are actually treated at hangover recovery centers in Key West by using a 3-step approach. This 3-step approach treats your hangover symptoms and provides complete relief to your hangover within 35 to 45 minutes. 

Let us see these three steps briefly.

  1. Step one: The symptoms of dehydration are reversed, and proper fluid balance of your body is achieved by infusing aggressive IV and electrolytes.
  2. Step two: IV medications are administered for relieving you from symptoms such as nausea, body pain, stomach upset, and headache.
  3. Step three: IV antioxidants and vitamins are administered.

What Causes a Sun Hangover?

Exposure to the scorching sun for a prolonged period causes Sunburn or Sun Hangover. Severe sunburn can cause symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, fever, intense body pain, chills, and headache that make you very tired and unable to move. The sunburn hangover really sucks because harsh sunlight manipulates the DNA of your skin. Your body recognizes the manipulation of DNA in that particular area and sends more blood and fluids to that specific location. These extra fluids reaching that particular location inflames the skin of the respective site and causes redness. Severe sunburns can even lead to the formation of blisters.

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