How to Clean Soft Contact Lenses?

Are you replacing your regular contact lenses with soft contact lenses? If yes, you should know that you need to follow a completely different approach in the case of cleaning soft contact lenses. It is because soft contact lenses possess a comparatively low resistance to debris and protein deposits. And as a result,  soft contact lenses are hard to clean, and they require some additional steps in the cleaning process to wear them safely.

Moreover, in the case of soft contact lenses, you are supposed to avoid using water at any cost for cleaning them. So, are you confused about how to clean soft contact lenses properly? If you are using soft contact lenses for the first time, then it is better to seek professional guidance from an expert optometrist like Elizabeth MacDonald OD in Maitland.

Here we are in introducing a step-wise guide for cleaning soft contact lenses.

Step-Wise Guide to Clean Soft Contact Lenses

It would be best if you have a thorough and proper cleaning regime for soft contact lenses. These lenses are pretty low in resistance, and therefore, the chances for infection are on the higher side. So, the cleaning regime for soft contact lenses doesn’t only involve weekly cleaning, but day-to-day precautions and measures are required.

Yes, soft contact lenses need to be handled very well with utmost care. Therefore, daily precautions and a regular and proper cleaning regime are vital for wearing soft contact lenses safely.

So, here we are introducing an effective step-wise guide for cleaning your soft contact lenses. This complete cleaning regimen keeps infections at bay and improves overall eye health and the comfort of wearing lenses.

  • Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before handling your lenses.
  • Take one lens at a time on your palm and apply a few drops of contact lens solution on it.
  • Use your index finger to gently rub the lens back and forth gently on your palm itself. Your thumb can be used to clean the lens’s surface.
  • Use contact lens solution to rinse the lens thoroughly.
  • Fill the contact lens case with a disinfecting solution. Keep your lens in the disinfecting solution for a few minutes.
  • Repeat these steps with the other lens.
  • You can put lenses in the lens holder as per the instructions on the package.

After all these steps, don’t forget to close the lid of the contact lens solution bottle. If you leave it off without closing, the chances are high for it to get contaminated. 

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