How to Achieve Optimal Wellness With Reliable Practices

A healthy lifestyle entails more than just physical wellness. It would be best if you were fit both spiritually and mentally. Since most practices offer physical services exclusively, you should identify a wholesome services clinic for maximum wellness. David N Peterson APRN, ND, and his expert colleagues have all the services you need at PharmXhealthOne. Schedule your appointment to get started on your optimal wellness journey.

About Practice

PharmXhealthOne is a high-ranking wellness center dedicated to providing naturopathic, holistic, and functional medicine services to Florida patients. Every practice is strategically positioned, featuring cutting-edge equipment and techniques. The team avails a variety of preventive and general health care services to all patients, including men’s health, physical exams, telemedicine, and urgent care.

The practice focuses on 5 Essentials™ to proper healthy living, including preventive care, exercise and oxygen, pure and good nutrition, the right mindset, and minimizing toxin exposure. These focus areas equip patients with the necessary tools to achieve unique lifestyle and wellness goals medically and naturally. Your treatment begins with a simple full panel blood test (PGX) that orders vital information to maximize vitality and wellness.

Your provider engages you on a one-on-one basis to improve all the aspects of your well-being physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Rather than diagnosing and addressing specific symptoms, your provider works to detect and manage the underlying cause. This move empowers patients, motivating them to acquire additional knowledge concerning their bodies and health conditions.


There are various top-notch treatment services available at PharmXhealthOne. Feel free to make contact for such services as:

  •       Regenerative Medicine Specialist- Aging can impact how you look and feel. Fortunately, you can find simple, non-invasive aging solutions at PharmXhealthOne. Your team of wellness experts provides regenerative medicine practices to optimize your wellness and keep you youthful.
  •       Physical Exam Specialist- To fully take control of your wellness, a regular physical exam is critical. If you have taken a long time before seeing a doctor for a physical, contact the experts at PharmXhealthOne for quality physical examinations.
  •       Weight Loss Specialist- Weight loss is complicated, especially when going through it alone. At PharmXhealthOne, you can benefit from medically supervised weight loss that comprises custom meal plans, medical nutrition therapy, and more to help you realize your goal weight.
  •       Stress Management Specialist- Chronic stress makes you vulnerable to anxiety, depression, and high blood pressure. If you find it hard managing your stress, trust the experts at PharmXhealthOne for various stress management techniques to improve your life’s quality.
  •       Sexual Dysfunction Specialist- Phases of sexual reactions cycle are similar to both men and women. In the case of frigidity in women and erectile dysfunction in men, the processes are thwarted, hindering sexual activity. Your PharmXhealthOne specialists regularly treat sexual complications in both women and men using efficient methods.
  •   Nutrition Specialist- Good nutrition is essential for good health. If your diet plan is unbalanced, your intake of vitamins, nutrients, and essential minerals is improper. Fortunately, the experts provide nutrition therapy to optimize your vitality and health.

Do you seek the best, most comprehensive, functional, and integrative medicine services? Partner with PharmXhealthOne to enjoy absolute value for your money. Book your appointment by contacting the office or use the online scheduling tool today.

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