How Air Conditioning and Plumbing Systems Work Together: Maintaining Water Safety of a Home

AC and plumbing systems work together in a home to keep moisture, humidity, and water contained. Leaks and moisture build-up are the common causes of mold. Even extra humidity, incredibly humid climates, can cause much damage. Natural hazards like hurricanes or floods can cause flood damage ruining the property’s physical structure and breaking from frozen pipes. It becomes challenging to get the water out of a home without the help of professional plumbing fort worth services. This article informs what one needs to know about how air conditioning and plumbing systems work together for the water safety of a home.

Maintaining HVAC Condensate Drain

  • Checking the HVAC condensate drain outside the home

For maintaining the condensate drain, a homeowner needs to look for where the drain exits the home. During hot water, when the air conditioner is running, that drain should be dripping. If the AC is running, but the trough is not dripping, the drain is clogged. When it’s not possible to find a drain existing at home, it could be tied into the plumbing system.

  • Keeping the condensate drain clear by installing a float switch

It is always better to hire a professional HVAC contractor for homeowners if home repair techniques differ from their cup of tea.

If the AC’s condensate is not equipped with a float switch or ceiling saver switch, ask the HVAC contractor to install one. these handy switches allow turning off the AC in case the drain clog and the drain pan fills up.

Maintaining the Plumbing System

  • Check the plumbing regularly

Make sure to check for clogs and slow-draining sinks, specifically in bathrooms that aren’t often used. One of the most efficient ways to check for clogs or seeping water is to spot-check plumbing fixtures and appliances.

The spot-checking maintenance schedule should include observing that all toilets, tubs, ice makers, washing machine, sinks, and water heater are working correctly and there is no clogs or seeping water around their pipes.

  • Scheduling regular maintenance on the plumbing

To protect the house structure, it is recommended to complete regular plumbing maintenance. According to the specialized plumbing fort worth service providers, home plumbing maintenance should be scheduled at least every two years.

Having a clog in the condensate drain that is dislodged or a hidden clog in the bathroom can further cause an unexpected backup into the home’s plumbing system. This situation requires the professional help of an expert plumber.


Maintenance and inspection of air conditioning equipment, plumbing, and appliances will go a long way toward preventing most leaks and moisture problems in a home. However, specialized help from a professional plumbing fort worth service provider can make this process more seamless and efficient. These professionals are experts in checking and preventing dangerous water leaks from the HVAC condensate drain or other plumbing systems, thus, keeping humidity levels comfortable.

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