How a Battery Backup Sump Pump Protects Your Home From Water Damage

Is your home located in flood plains, low-lying areas, or regions experiencing heavy rains? What causes the failure of a primary pump? Why is the installation of battery backup systems for sump pumps essential? How does it remove excess water from your basement or crawlspace?

Your basement may flood due to heavy rains or rising water. If you fail to remove this water and it accumulates, you will experience structural damage and end up spending more money on repair costs. Sump pumps help remove the flooded water from your basement and out of your house. Battery backup systems for sump pumps help to supplement the primary pump if it fails to work due to:

  • Mechanical failure

If the fuse blows or the circuit breaker tripped, the sump pump fails to work since electricity is needed.

  • Power outages

The primary sump pump stops working when your house loses power. However, a battery backup sump pump continues to work.

  • Excessive use

The amount of water in the sump pit may be too much for the sump pump to remove. If the pump is overwhelmed, it may be damaged.

  • Switch failure

When the water lifts the float ball, the float switch activates. Switch failure occurs when the float ball is stuck and is not activated by the water level.

  • The exit pipe is clogged

If the exit pipe is clogged, water will remain in the sump pits instead of being drained outside the house.

  • Old pump

If a pump works for a long time, it is bound to break. You will have to invest in a new sump pump if this is the case.

  • Overheated pump

It occurs if the water around the motor is inadequate for cooling or the thermal protection stops working. To ensure it functions properly, you should reset the equipment.

Battery backup sump pumps

During floods, the level of groundwater rises and enters the basement through foundation cracks. To prevent water damage, a sump pump is used to remove water collected in the sump pit and direct it out of the house. The electrical system of your home powers the primary sump pump which is turned on manually. It can be problematic if the homeowner is not around to switch on the pump. An automatic sump pump will detect the water level when it reaches a certain level in the water pit, and it will activate.

The float switch of the battery backup systems for the sump pump is found slightly higher than that of the primary sump pump. It enables the backup pump to automatically turn on when it detects the primary sump pump is not working well. When the backup system is activated, the homeowner is alerted. It enables them to remove any valuable item from the basement. The homeowner is also alerted about the battery level and any repairs required for the sump pump.


A sump pump prevents your home’s crawlspace or basement from flooding. If the primary pump fails to work because of excessive use, power outage, or mechanical failure, installation of battery backup systems for sump pumps is essential. The battery backup sump pump removes water from the sump pit, protecting your home from water damage. The backup system will alert the homeowner if the water level increases.

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