Here Is Why You Should Consider Getting a Colonoscopy

People often develop a feeling of anxiety with the mention of colonoscopies. However, it is not a bad procedure when you consider what you will be getting out of it. According to experts, getting the procedure done could save your life. Statistics reveal that about 6% of people develop colon cancer in the world. GI Physicians Inc. offers colonoscopy in Lima to help you keep safe from colon cancer. Book an appointment today to get screened before it is too late. Here are the reasons why you should not put off the procedure if your doctor recommends you have one:

Age is not a factor.

You should seek medical advice as soon as you begin experiencing blood in your stool, fatigue, and significant bowel changes. If a doctor recommends that you get screened for colon cancer, do not dismiss it with a common myth that you may be too young for a colonoscopy. Experts have now proven that colon cancer could run in the family history. Therefore, it is possible to develop the condition at any age.

Colonoscopies are effective.

When it comes to screening for cancerous cells, there are numerous other options apart from colonoscopy. However, none matches its efficiency and benefits. Therefore, it has become a long term preference by most doctors. Colonoscopy is highly sensitive for cancer that is only in its earliest stages. Thus, doctors can detect these cells early and begin treatment before they develop to be detectable by home colon cancer detection tests.

A colonoscopy does not just detect cancer.

Colonoscopy could still find other conditions in the digestive tract, although it is primarily used as a cancer screening tool. It could find inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and ulcerative colitis. Therefore, even if the doctor suspected colon cancer, they could still find other illnesses and advise you accordingly to manage and heal them. For example, they could recommend a diet change or offer medications before the conditions advance to become a bigger problem.  

It is not embarrassing.

People shy away from colonoscopy because they think that the procedure is embarrassing. However, it is done in the endoscopy unit, where everyone has been taken in for similar problems. Doctors will also use anesthesia to get rid of all discomforts throughout the procedure. You should again remember that the clinical staff is already used to these kinds of procedures.

It is quick and painless.

A colonoscopy will not require you to spend a whole day at the doctor’s office. Instead, you should go back home after a half-day. Local anesthesia will be used, limiting you from going back to work, but that is it. There are no other discomforts apart from a mild soreness, which will go away after some time.

Doctors recommend a colonoscopy for patients who are experiencing rectal bleeding, colon inflammation, constipation, abdominal pain, and chronic diarrhea. You should seek early screening if your family has a history of colon cancer and after 50 years if otherwise. Book an appointment with GI Physicians Inc. if you notice related symptoms.

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