Grand Junction car crash: Facts you need to know

You have sustained serious injuries in an unfortunate car crash in Grand Junction. As a driver involved in an auto accident in Colorado, you are required to inform the local police immediately. Remain at the accident scene and call 911 for medical assistance. If you feel okay, you should take photos of the accident site and your injuries. Avoid unwanted confrontations with other drivers, but you can exchange contact and insurance information. If there were witnesses at the scene, note down their contact details. You may also want to contact a Grand Junction car crash lawyer at the earliest. Colorado is an at-fault state, and therefore, you could sue the other driver at fault. Here are some other facts worth knowing. 

Understanding comparative fault

If two drivers are partly responsible for the crash, Colorado’s modified comparative fault rule will be used by insurance companies (or the court) to determine final settlements. You can only file a civil lawsuit against the other driver if your fault share doesn’t exceed theirs. How does this work? Sample this situation – You were given $50,000 in a settlement for your injuries and losses. However, you were also found to be 10% at fault. Because you had a share in fault, you will now get 90% of the settlement, which is $45,000. This is different from the pure comparative fault rule, where either party can sue the other, regardless of fault percentage. 

The statute of limitations

You have limited time to file a car accident lawsuit, decided by the statute of limitations. The deadline is three years for most personal injury claims in Colorado, including car crashes and accidents. The clock starts from the accident date. This is the precise reason you should start working on the lawsuit at the earliest. If the insurance company denies your claim, you may not have the time or evidence to pursue a civil lawsuit. If there was death involved, the deceased’s family could file a wrongful death claim, for which there is a two-year deadline. 

Get an attorney 

It would help if you considered hiring an attorney immediately after the crash. Lawyers are experienced and skilled negotiators, and you can expect them to fetch you a fair settlement without pursuing a lawsuit. Trials are sometimes necessary, but it is best to negotiate the compensation outside of court. You can check on Google to find top lawyers in Grand Junction.  

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