Going to an Anime Convention for the First Time? Here is a Guide for You

If you are just stepping into the world of anime, you will soon want to go to your first anime convention. Anime meet-ups are great; however, an anime convention is like a family reunion for all kinds of anime fans from all walks of life. If you are new to this kind of convention, you may not know what to expect on your first visit. Fortunately, this guide breaks down everything for you.

Do Some Research

Anime is a mainstream medium and there are many conventions taking place every weekend all over North America and in third-world countries. Some of these events are big and may be attended by hundreds of thousands of people while others are a little low key and less crowded. To determine the kid of conventions that suit you, do your homework online to know the kind of anime convention you would want to go. Don’t forget to check out Ryan of

Prepare Some Money

After finding the convention you want to go, the next you need is money. Did you know that 99% of the time anime conventions are not around the corner from your home? Thus, you will need a car or contact Uber if you want to get to your convention. Also, you will need money for your badge. Depending on your chosen convention, badges can cost you between $10 and $100 and this money helps top pay for the AV equipment and voice actors that you will want to see.

A lot of conventions are held in hotels that organizers booked and paid. If you are going to these conventions, you will still need money to pay for your hotel accommodation.

Expect to See CosPlay

Cosplay is the holy grail of all things anime in terms of anime conventions. It is for everyone and regardless of your size, race, or ethnicity, you can be any of your desired characters. Being new to cosplay, there will be a lot of things for you to do and see while you are there. And this might the reason the majority of anime conventions are three days long. Additionally, any convention’s priority is safety. Thus, sexual harassment of a cosplayer is prohibited under any circumstances. If you experience this kind of situation, make sure to report it to the con staff right away. You are supposed to be there for the fun and not for the abuse of opportunistic individuals.

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