Fun-Filled Family-Friendly Activities For Family and Friends Outings and Get Together

To maintain a healthy living and a sober mind, it becomes necessary to take some time off work and engage in fun activities. There are several fun activities to provide yourself with the required stress relief and have a great time with friends and family. Traders Village is an amusement park ride that offers a range of fun activities that makes it the perfect place to visit with friends and family to create good memories. The amusement park has several rides to suit the needs of everyone, from kiddie rides, rides the family gets to enjoy thrilling rides that make individuals have a great experience. The various amusement rides near me include:

Prairie screamer – Spring 2022

The Prairie Screamer is a family-like roller coaster made for all ages. The rider features a steel rollercoaster, 90′ tall, 67′ wide, 277′ long, 80′ drop, and 2,750′ track length. The screamers move at a speed of 50 mph, giving individuals the thrill that has a screaming effect on them; hence the name and the ride take approximately one minute and fifty seconds. Several requirements must be met to qualify for the ride, such as a height requirement of 48″ and the two trains taking ten riders per train.

Village Vortex

The village Vortex is a giant looping coaster that races riders in a 360 degrees movement around the track. The amusement rides near the village vortex momentarily stop when the train is upside down at the height of seven stories from the ground and reverses direction, which gives individuals a screaming good time. The reverse motion and momentary stops make the rides a memorable experience, and once that helps an individual make the best of the moment.


A Yo-Yo consists of a disc with hanging ropes attached to seats where the riders settle and firmly get bound for the mind-blowing experience. The amusement rides near me Yo-Yo then swings the riders round and round, providing them with a great feeling of adventure and freedom. The Yo-Yo uses a centrifugal force which creates circular rides seventy-three feet in diameter, and the arms tilt ten degrees to create a high-flying experience.


The other rides, which take a circular motion, the flea fall is an up-down movement ride that provides individuals with a great deal of adventure. Individuals get well seated on the round gondola and get lifted slowly to the topmost part of the tower, which is 128 feet. Once at the top, the vehicle gets released, and it falls at a speed of over 45 mph. The high speed and the vertical movement of the tower provide a great deal of fun and excitement to individuals.

Star Dancer

The star dancer is a family-friendly ride that combines a carousel and a gondola wheel, providing the individual with a mind-blowing experience. The carousel rotates while traveling up the 80′ tower until it reaches the top, where the passengers have an unobstructed view of the area.

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