Four Awesome Benefits of Plastic Tubes for Joints

Those who smoke joints or cigarettes differ in the way they want to smoke. Some opt to grind their herbs up and pack it in a glass smoking pipe; however, others don’t like the preparation part. That is why they may prefer to smoke through joints and cones. The traditional method is valued for its simplicity and ease. It involves just rolling it up and smoking what is lit. However, for loose dry herbs or easy-to-break joints, it is ideal to use a container to put it in. This is where pre-roll tubes come in.

These poly-carbonate plastic tubes are made to hold and store pre-rolled joints safely. They are available in cones and tubes/cylinders. To use these plastic tubes for joints, just pop the top open by either squeezing the sides or putting pressure and flipping the top open. These tubes provide you with more than an ordinary container.

Here’s how:

Keep Smell Away

As dry herbs can smell and you may not want that smell to linger, as the people around you may not like it. Sometimes, you want to keep your joints discreet. Although you may use containers to keep the smell away, ordinary ones or simple prescription bags are not always airtight and leak the smell. Storing your stock in pre-roll tubes eliminates your worry about joint smell. With these tubes, you can go with your rolled-up joints anywhere while having peace of mind.

Keep your Joints Fresh

In terms of storing joints or cigarettes, one of your major concerns is keeping them fresh. You don’t want to smoke a stale joint. Pre-roll tubes keep your joins and cigarettes as fresh as when you made them. They will prevent them from drying up. If your joints get too dry, they tend to burn too quickly.

Keep your Smokable Products Away from Kids

The majority of pre-roll joint tubes provide mechanisms that protect the kids by not letting them access what is inside. In general, children are curious so you want to make it difficult for them to find these products.

Provide Options in Sizes

Whether you want to stock for a week or month, pre-roll tubes offer you great options when it comes to the size. Some tubes are thicker while others are longer.And if you cannot smoke the whole thing in one go, you can just save it for later. Your tube will come in handy.

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