Florida Gulf Coast Fishing: Mahi Mahi

A mahi-mahi fish is the best for deep-sea fishing adventures. This species of fish is quite common off the Florida coast.

This article will explain how to reel in one of these acrobatic beasts.

The deep-sea fish Mahi-mahi, is a type of fish that lives in deep waters. They can reach 50 pounds when they are caught off the Florida Gulf Coast. However, they are usually between 3 and 10 pounds. Mahi grow up to 5 inches per month and are constantly hungry! They can also be found living under floating structures. These fish are quite common and a very beautiful fish. The mahi–mahi is a member of the pelagic fish group. Their natural swimming patterns, which resemble dolphins, make them known as dolphin fish.

Because of our tropical climate, water temperature, and abundance of food and bait for Mahi Mahi, they are quite common along the Florida coast during the summer months.

What do MAHI-MAHI look like?

Mahi, a deep-sea fish, can grow to up to six feet in length and weigh between 30-50 pounds.

They are very visible and have vibrant green and blue colors.

What is it like to catch a MAHI-MAHI?

You need the right bait and gear to catch mahi mahi.

They are often found under floating debris and weed lines. Catching a mahi mahi is a spectacular feat of fishing and can be very difficult. This is a beautiful fish to catch and eat!

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