Five Tips when Picking a Spanish Language School in Spain

Choosing a language school to study Spanish is a big moment. You may spend a few months learning the language, so you must pick the right language school. Spain is home to hundreds of language schools that vary in terms of quality and dependability. When choosing a spanish language courses in spain, below are some factors to take into account:

Local Language or Accent

To get the immersion you want, you should be in an area where you can get the most out of eavesdropping on street conversations. However, a lot of regions have locals who choose to speak another language. For instance, in Barcelona, Catalan is the chosen language. And the accent in the majority of the south can be hard to understand for a newbie.

Don’t Pay Much Attention to Recommendations

Each language learner has recommendations for the best Spanish school. However, some schools may have teachers who come and go and their reputation must leave with the best teachers; however, it often does not. This is a particular issue with small schools.

Go for the Big School

Huge schools have plenty of classes. You can always change your class if you don’t like it. There are many reasons you might wish to change classes. For example, some classes might be going too fast for you or too slow. Or perhaps you don’t get along well with the teacher. Big schools let you change.

Learn About the Origin of Other Students

Some schools tend to be stronger in the Chinese markets, for instance. Others might be stronger in the Brazilian market. If most of your classmates come from Portugal and Italy, it will move quickly as your classmates are very familiar with much of the vocabulary and grammar. Meanwhile, a class full of Chinese students must go slower to ask the meaning of words such as ‘comunicación,’ or ‘tomate’ that you will know from English.

Look for a School That Provides Other Cultural Activities

Great Spanish language schools do more than just teach you grammar and vocabulary. You may want to learn Spanish to get closer to the culture than you can without the language, so some kind of cultural studies can be an excellent way to achieve your goals. With some schools, you can combine your language classes with formal classes in flamenco dancing, flamenco guitar, or other elements of Spanish culture. Some schools provide a ’20+5′ system where students can get 20 hours per week of Spanish classes and 5 hours per week of “free.”

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