Editor’s Pick: Hottest Eco-Friendly Shoes in the Market Today

Environment protection is the priority of the world. The level of pollution and climate change are soaring speedily and turning human lives into carbon bags. If timely actions are not taken, the atmosphere would have more health-hazardous particles in the air than oxygen.

Now is the time for individuals, corporations, and brands to be more sustainable and generous towards the environment. Based on the same line, many shoe companies have come up with eco friendly mens shoes. These companies have started using recycled plastic rubber, reusable polyester, more cotton, and even buying back their carbon footprint while shipping the products to other locations. Baabuk, Allbirds, and Rothy’s are a few to name in the category of eco-friendly men shoes.

How are these newly introduced brands distinguished from traditionally existing shoe manufacturing brands?

  1. Baabuk

Baabuk is known for its quality of being adjustable according to the need of the hour. The shoes make people feel the comfort of summers with a touch of cold and hot showers in the cold. The primary material used for manufacturing these eco-friendly shoes is wool.

The Chief characteristic of wool is it is durable, comfortable, long-lasting, and adjustable according to the weather.

Furthermore, these shoes are reusable and recyclable for further usage. Finally, these materials are biodegradable, making them sustainable and eco-friendly without disturbing the environment’s natural structure.

What sets Baabuk apart from other brands is its unique practices. Whether the method of extracting wool from the sheep in an animal-friendly manner without hurting or harming them. Then using cent percent recycled and recyclable material for packaging and decorating. In addition to that, the local outsourcing and raw material gathering policy is supreme and strictly adhered to the standard rule of the company. Moreover, the shoes and slippers styles are unisex and can be worn for outdoors and indoors, for travelling, etc.

Let’s see the varied range of eco-friendly products from Baabuk to know about them and make decisions based on the characteristics that they offer.

Urban Wooler – These are sneakers for all occasions, suit all outfits, and help develop a feeling like flying high with these light material shoes. These are one of the best eco-friendly men’s shoes available in more than ten colors. They are made up of 100% pure wool and are machine washable.

Sky Wooler– These eco-friendly shoes fit into the daily routine, become an inevitable part of everyday delight, and go with all attires. The wool becomes the comforting companions, which keeps the shoes airy, exposed, easy, and temperature regulator.

Wool Loafer – These fashionable, comfortable, and durable loafers are ready for long walks and night escapes in all seasons. What makes them most choosy and relaxing is the utilization of natural sheep wool and rubber soles gathered and manufactured by the local artisans. It is one of the best eco-friendly men’s shoes.

  1. Allbirds

Allbirds Manufacturers eco-friendly shoes which are entirely sustainable, biodegradable, and super cozy. The brand has been certified by the forest stewardship cancel for being environmentally friendly and promoting afforestation.

The material is extracted from healthy sheep for the core components. The shoes’ sole comprises sugarcane byproducts, recycled bottles are converted into laces, and eucalyptus trees are used for extracting fibers without falling them down. These sneakers have a virtual attraction from the environment-conscious people, nature lovers, and sustainability persuaders.

Have a king look at the eco-friendly shoes in sneakers manufactured under the umbrella of Allbirds.

Women’s Wool Runners– These runners are so soft and cozy that a person can put them on without socks. These shoes suit every outfit regardless of occasion or time. The wool used is breezy as well as comfortable.

Women’s Wool Loungers– These runners are the epitome of comfort, lightness, and sustainability. Make the wearer believe that hype and craziness are true about such products.

Women’s Tree Toppers– The pulp of eucalyptus trees used to manufacture these airy and breezy shoes makes the buyer super comfortable. The wearers fly high while in these light shoes. 

  1. Rothy’s

Rothy’s manufacture eco-friendly shoes made up of different kinds of recycled or biodegradable materials. Usually, the shoes’ upper segment comprises recycled water bottles, which would have hampered the water table if not attended to inland fillings. On the other hand, the outer sole contains carbon-free rubber merino wool. An inner soul is manufactured of recycled foam extracted from castor oil.

Here is the list of the popularly known eco-friendly products of Rothy’s-

Maritime Navy Point is available in 19 colors, suitable for casual and formal outfits with a comforting flavor.

Cornflower Flat– Manufactured in 11 colors, super casual and machine-wash friendly.

Bright White Chelsea– These are adventure companions for day-long tracking, walking, and roaming.


Environment, ecosystem, sustainability, and climate change are paid great attention to. As a result, brands shift from traditional materials to eco-friendly items to remain in the mainstream of competition and attract more buyers. Choose the best eco friendly mens shoes and become sustainable to save the future.

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