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Losing teeth to trauma or dental disease infections is excruciating as it steals your self-esteem and confidence. In such cases, the best step to take is to seek a root canal specialist’s intervention. San Antonio endodontic specialist services are provided by well-experienced practitioners, Dr. Rick Davis DDS, who has extensive root canal treatment experience. Dr. Rick Schwartz, DDS, are professionals in their field of operation.

Together with a team of other professionals at Endodontic Consultants of San Antonio, they work to ensure you recover your completely functioning teeth with radiating smiles. To learn more about these rejuvenating dental services, call the Endodontic Consultants of San Antonio or request an appointment today.

What is Endodontics?

Endodontics is a discipline that aims at diagnosing, treating, and taking care of the teeth which have been infected, traumatized, or painful. In a tooth’s structure, the central part of the tooth containing dental pulp hosts the nerves that enable the tooth to sense a substance’s cold or hot temperature. Around the pulp is dentin which is covered by the enamel.

What Are The Causes Of Endodontics?

A tooth can get an infection that infiltrates the enamel and dentin to find its way to the pulp resulting in infection and pain. Trauma can also expose the pulp through cracks or breaking, resulting in tooth loss.

During endodontic or root canal treatment, removing the tooth’s pulp, after which the inside is cleaned and sealed, prevents the pulp from breaking down and forming an abscess from infection. The nerves in the tooth are not very important as the tooth can function without them.

What Are The Signs That A Root Canal Procedure Is Necessary?

  •       High tooth sensitivity to hot or cold beverages and other drinks.
  •       The exhibition of swelling around the soft tissues of the infected tooth is seen in the chin or cheek.
  •       Severe tooth discoloration that does not answer to traditional procedures of teeth whitening.
  •       Experiencing pain when there is slight pressure or when chewing.

Dr. Rick could also use an X-ray to expose silent infections in the teeth that have not shown symptoms.

What Are The Endodontic Treatments?

Dr. Rick will diagnose your teeth condition, and once root canal therapy has been considered the best treatment option for you, the tooth is made fully numb by the use of anesthesia. The pulp which has been inflamed or infected is then removed from the tooth and properly disinfected, then a biocompatible material is used to seal it.

The treatment procedure is entirely painless. The healthcare providers in Endodontic Consultants of San Antonio are well versed in the administration of local anesthesia. Its to ascertain that you are comfortable all throughout your time in treatment.

Dr. Davis and Dr. Schwartz have practiced general dentistry for twenty years before finishing their post-doctoral endodontics training. The two finished their residencies early in their careers. Both have successfully published many articles in scientific textbooks and journals.

You might experience soreness and tenderness for a few days. Continue observing hygiene and be careful while flossing and brushing.

For more information or consultation, call Endodontic Consultants of San Antonio or request an appointment today.

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