Cutting-Edge Therapies & Treatments for Neck Pain in Texas

The muscle aching, tightness, and soreness associated with neck pain may be more than annoying, as it can significantly affect your performance and activity levels. Suppose you experience neck pain in Frisco, McKinney, Allen, Lewisville, and Plano, Tx; you can find lasting relief from the team of pain management specialists at Spine & Joint Physicians. The providers at this state-of-the-art facility offer the most innovative therapies and treatment solutions to address the exact cause of your neck pain. To find out more, schedule a consultation at Spine & Joint Physicians through mobile or book online.

What Is Neck Pain?

Neck pain develops in your cervical spine, the area that starts under your skull to the top of your shoulders. Your cervical spine has seven vertebrae, which protect your spinal cord, plus your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves. This delicate structure also offers support to your head, which weighs about 15 pounds.

The cervical spine is one of the most flexible and strongest areas of your spine. However, it is susceptible to stiffness, injury, and inflammation, resulting in adverse pain. To some extent, this pain can be quite debilitating, thus affecting your general life quality.

What Causes Neck Pain?

The most prevalent cause of acute neck pain is muscle tension and strain. This form of neck pain is mainly a result of sleeping in awkward positions, having poor posture, forceful movement of your head, sitting at your working spot for extended hours, and straining to lift heavy objects.

You may also develop chronic pain caused by other degenerative conditions. These include herniated discs, Arthritis, Spinal stenosis, Congenital problems, Pinched nerves, Fibromyalgia, Degenerative disc disease, and Osteoporosis. At times, neck pain should alarm you of an emergency health concern such as a heart attack or meningitis.

How To Diagnose And Treat Neck Pain?

During your appointment at Spine & Joint Physicians, your highly-skilled physicians perform an extensive physical examination, and cross-check your medical and personal history, as well as discuss your prevailing symptoms. Depending on your exam, he may recommend additional screenings, such as MRIs, nerve conduction studies, X-rays, and electromyography.

Based on your diagnosis and the extremity of your symptoms, the pain management specialists at the practice recommend a combination of several therapies, including Nerve blocks or Steroid injections, Hot and cold therapy, Physical therapy, and pain medications, such as muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatories. Besides, Dr. Badiyan of Spine & Joint Physicians provides advanced pain management treatment solutions, like COOLIEF*.


COOLIEF* is a form of radiofrequency ablation. This procedure uses heat to destroy the nerve fibers resulting in your pain. During treatment, your specialists drive a tiny probe into the spinal area containing the problematic nerve. Once in position, the probe delivers gentle radiofrequency electrical impulses as water circulates to expand the treatment area. COOLIEF* disrupts the relay of pain signals from your nerve to the brain but doesn’t affect your nerve’s functionality.

In conclusion, the Joint Physicians of Frisco is welcoming new patients to their practice. Call the office near you or go online to schedule an initial consultation today.

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