CDL Trucking Career 101: All You Must Know About DOT Physical Exam

If you want to build your career in CDL trucking, you need to pass what’s called preparing for the DOT physical Exam. The Department of Transportation makes it mandatory for truckers to pass the test, which involves examination by a physician/doctor. If you need help with DOT physical exam, we have a guide below into the basics that are worth knowing.

Various tests in DOT physical exam

  • Vision. Expectedly, CDL driver are expected to have great vision, and the minimum requirement is 20/40 vision, as set by The Department of Transportation. Truckers can, however, choose to wear lenses to correct their vision, but unless there is a fix to their vision problems, they may not be allowed to drive.
  • Hearing. CDL drivers are also expected to have great hearing skills. As long as you can hear a whisper from a distance without any additional aid, you are likely to pass the test.
  • Cardiovascular. If you want to become a Class A driver, your heart’s condition will be considered. This is to ensure that you can handle the stress of being behind the wheel for long hours. The testing involves checking pulse, as well as blood pressure.
  • Neurological screening is also a part of the DOT physical exam, which is done to figure out if the driver has any issues that can cause seizures. Brain injuries, if any, should be mentioned. People with history of epilepsy will not be allowed to get their license.

  • Drug Testing. Another important aspect is drug testing, which intends to ensure that drivers do not have any influence of drugs on them, or are not habitual users of illicit substances. A drug test will be suggested to trace any possible substance in the blood. If the results are not in favor, the person will be allowed to give an explanation. For instance, if you have a medical marijuana card, traces of cannabis in your report may not influence the final outcome.

Make sure that you have a list of all the prescription medications that you have been taking, and if you wear glasses, bring them too. Hearing aids must be also declared. The DOT physical exam is not a matter of serious concern, although it’s mandatory. As long as you have relevant documents and are in good health, getting your CDL license shouldn’t be a hard task. You can check online to find more on DOT physical exam.

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