Buying a Proposal Ring for the First Time? Here’s What You Should Know

Proposal rings are a symbol of love and commitment. They are a sign of a serious relationship and denotes that they commit to be with one another in the future. They are more of pre-engagement rings, rings which come before engagement. The ring exchange means that a future engagement is likely or you are simply devoted to each other. The meaning of this ring may vary from couple to couple and you both must determine what it means for you both.

Sometimes proposal ring in Singapore are exchanged by both or just one person. They can be put on any finger on either hand. Many people decide to wear Proposal rings on their left ring finger. Many prefer the right so as to not confuse it with engagement ring.

How do they look like?

Proposal rings are usually smaller and less showy that engagement rings. They are usually made of gold and silver. There are many Proposal rings that bear diamonds and a number of other precious gemstones too. Mostly, these gemstones are smaller and less inevitable than an engagement ring but it is more of a subtle gesture.

Some Proposal rings don’t bear any special features at all. While other Proposal rings and other rings can be tapered baguette ring, sapphire heart rings etc. Some are also Claddagh rings. This very ring is a traditional Irish design that bears a heart held by two hands and a crown that is a depiction of love, loyalty, and friendship. Many couples also choose matching Proposal rings.

Usually, Proposal rings are smaller and much subtler. Diamonds are the most famous choice but have a smaller carat weight or placed in cluster instead of a single stone. Gemstone ring designs are also famous for Proposal rings and other couple rings. There are no fixed rules for metals in Proposal rings, but you can choose anything from rose gold to sterling silver.

When and how to give one?

It is a very special moment for the couple. There are no fixed rules for giving a Proposal ring. They can be given at any point in a relationship. Sometimes some give after a year or more being in a relationship. For others, it may be faster. They are a sign of your commitment to your relationship no matter what your plans are for the future. When giving a Proposal ring, you don’t need a pompous show and tell like if you’re giving an engagement ring. Many couples give rings as a dating anniversary gift or on Valentine’s Day or as a birthday gift.

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