Breast Reconstruction by Use of Fat Grafting Method

You may have breasts that are small, that are not of the same size, that are sagged, and breasts that have no shape. These types of breasts can make you uncomfortable in public and with your fellow friends. Fat grafting is a technique that uses fat from parts of your body to reconstruct your breasts. The extracted fat is injected into your breast, giving them a natural look. Apart from breast reconstruction, there is also buttocks increment, hand rejuvenation, collect smile lines, and laugh lines. East Windsor fat grafting healthcare center performs fat injection to your breasts, giving them a nice look and good shape. Below are candidates for fat grafting.

Are you a candidate for fat grafting?

If you feel that your breasts need to be increased, decreased, and shaped, then you are the best candidate for fat grafting. However, you must have enough fat in your donor areas that the doctor will extract and fill your breast with. If you have breast defects that result from breast cancer treatment, fat grafting will fill the defects. Fat injection procedures are done four times so that you can attain the required breast volume. During breast reconstruction, there are several procedures to be followed. The following paragraph explains the main procedure of fat grafting.

Steps followed during fat grafting for breast reconstruction

Several steps are followed during grafting. The doctor identifies a part of the body that will act as a fat donor. These steps include:

  •   Fat harvesting. The doctor will first inject local anesthesia or sedative drugs into the donor area. A small incision is made to the donor area where the fat is removed. Special tools like cannula and syringe are used during fat extraction.
  •   The extracted fat is then clean and purified, making it ready for transfer. The fat is passed through a centrifuge machine, which separates the fat from impurities. The machine also concentrates the fat cell before injecting it into the required area.
  •   The area where the fat will be placed is prepared by injecting local anesthesia into the area of injection. An opening is created under the breast, where a small syringe is used to inject the purified fat into your breast. This injection process is done multiple times so that the doctor can attain the required volume of your breast.

Below are some risks of choosing unqualified doctors.

Major risks that unqualified doctor can cause during fat grafting

It is vital to choose a qualified doctor who knows all the steps to follow during the service. Most people who find qualified doctors do not have side effects. A doctor can inject fat into your breast without measuring the quantity making one of your breasts bigger than the other. A good doctor should check the occurrences of fat necrosis before injection. Fat necrosis occurs when the fatty area of the breast is damaged or injured.

Breast reconstruction is a cosmetic procedure done to enhance the shape and size of your breast. Fat grafting is one of the ways you can use it to reconstruct your breasts. Fat is extracted from your thigh or abdomen. The fat is purified to remove impurities and then injected into your breasts. A qualified doctor is needed so that you can keep yourself free from side effects. Dr. Matthew is a qualified professional in fat grafting for breast reconstruction. 

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