Boiler installation

Everything you should know to make your boiler installation as smooth as possible.

Use the professionals

It’s illegal to install a boiler yourself. This isn’t a ploy from the industry to take your money. This is about keeping you safe and remember, a plumber can do just about everything in your home, but they can’t install your boiler. For that they need to be professional.

How do you know if they’re a professional? Simple, look for their Gas safety Accreditation. This is the number one priority. For an engineer to be Gas Registered they have to undergo training and assessments before they can begin working with private boilers. Ensuring the company installing your boiler is Gas registered will allow you know the work is being undertaken by an absolute professional trained in the craft. It’s easy to find those who are registered, for example if you’re looking for boiler installation in Cardiff, the companies will have their certificates on display. If you can’t see one, look elsewhere.

As with most purchases in life, it’s a good idea to look around and get two or three +quotes, speak to the companies directly and choose one which feels a good fit for you. Installing or replacing a boiler can make people feel apprehensive, and choosing a team that will help lay any anxiety to rest is just as important as choosing the right boiler.

Your needs

Never ignore the importance of researching the boiler that your fitter recommends. Some boilers won’t be exactly what you’re looking for, and others won’t be a perfect fit for the demands of your home. Not only this, there are different types of boilers. Do you need a combination boiler, or a system boiler? Making sure you’re having the best boiler fitted for your home will save you money and stress in the years ahead. A trustworthy installer will understand this, and should take the time to go over the possible options for you and your home.

What a mess

It shouldn’t be up to you to dispose of your old boiler. Old boilers can contain a multitude of chemicals, such as asbestos, which can damage you and the environment. Leaving it on the kerb and hoping the council will collect it is not really an option. But that shouldn’t matter. If you’ve chosen the right installation company, then they should take the boiler with them, as well as any other mess that has been caused during the installation process. When you first speak to a potential company about a new boiler, this is a really important question to ask. If they aren’t willing to take the boiler away, then you shouldn’t be willing to use their services.

Don’t wait in

A trustworthy boiler installation company won’t expect you to put your life on hold whilst they get the heat on. It’s perfectly fine for you to go about your regular daily routine. There is no need to worry about them being in the house alone. It takes on average four to six hours to fit a boiler, and the majority of engineers are used to being left alone to work. In fact, it’s probably preferable, so go on with your day, and let the professional get on with theirs.

Final paperwork

Once the boiler is fitted you should receive the manufacturer’s guarantee. This, like all guarantees should be kept safe and referred back to in case of an issue. The installer will also leave you a Gas Safety Certificate which you can log online quickly and easily by registering on the Gas Safe register.

Having a boiler fitted can be a worrying ordeal, but finding the right company for you and your home’s needs will make it smooth and stress free. Meaning all you have to worry about is what to do with all those old hot water bottles.

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