Betting on hockey and their features

In the high season, hockey comes second in popularity after soccer. This game has many fans around the world, and in bookmakers’ offices the hockey line is especially interesting.

Everyone who bets on this sport wants the bet to be successful. Only experienced players who have a good understanding of the sport can correctly predict the results of matches on a regular basis. But beginners also have a chance for success. To do this, it is worth listening to expert advice and using the predictions that are published on specialized services. Ice hockey predictions are made taking into account all the features of the discipline.

What nuances are taken into account when betting?

Before making a bet on a hockey match, it is necessary to understand the nuances of the sport discipline and the peculiarities of betting. Particular attention should be paid to such factors:

  1. A high frequency of comebacks is characteristic for this sport. Most games are intense and productive, so a gap of several pucks is not a guarantee of victory.
  2. If there is a tie after three periods, the game goes into overtime, and then into a shootout. In most betting companies, bets on outcomes are accepted without taking into account overtime, in such situations it is possible to bet on a draw. Before making a bet, it is necessary to find out exactly what conditions are set by a particular bookmaker.
  3. The schedule of games is very tight. Teams sometimes have time to play up to 4 games in a week. After such a series, hockey players get tired, which can affect the performance and quality of players. This factor should be taken into account in the analysis, which is carried out before making a bet.
  4. When analyzing the upcoming event, you need to take into account a number of factors. Including – the current composition of the teams, the history of personal meetings, the factor of “uncomfortable opponent”.
  5. In hockey, it is possible to replace the goalie with a sixth field player. This factor is particularly important in betting in live action, for example, in a situation where one of the teams loses just one or two pucks at the end of the match.

Effective betting always requires careful attention and analysis. Therefore, it will be useful for bettors to get acquainted with all the nuances of the discipline.

Types of bets on hockey

Most bookmakers offer a wide coverage on hockey. As a rule, it comes second after soccer in the number of additional betting options. There are some popular types, which are especially interesting for players.

Betting on penalty time

In the coverage of the top bookmaker offices, there are bets on the penalty time of the players. A large number of types of bets are offered on this outcome: the victory of one of the teams, double chances, different variants of totals, deals on mutual removals and more.

Bets on the tie

The main time often ends in a draw. If you analyze the matches, you can find that in many meetings the winner was determined as a result of extra time or in a series of shootouts. The odds on the world outcome in hockey are often high, so with a competent prediction bets on a draw can bring a good result.

How to bet correctly in live mode?

When watching a match in real time, the player sees moments that cannot be predicted in advance, such as who is attacking more, what is the mood of the teams and coaches. The situation on the court is changing dynamically, which leads to a change in odds. This allows you to “catch” profitable odds, for example, betting on the favorite, which loses in the course of the meeting, but puts a lot of pressure.

Live betting has a significant disadvantage – some bookmakers suspend betting for a time when one of the parties is in the minority. It is more common in smaller bookmaker’s offices, which try to protect themselves from risk.

To win on betting in live mode, the bettor must be well-versed in hockey and the strength of the game teams. After all, sometimes the decisions that determine the results of bets have to be made in a matter of seconds.

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