Benefits of using a proxy

A proxy server is an intermediate server between the Internet user and the destination site. It is a computer hub where commands sent by an Internet user are processed. One of the advantages of a proxy is that it hides the IP address at home, which guarantees the user the privacy and security of the network. Unlike those who do not use it, who are exposed to other computers on the network, including hackers. You can buy a private proxy at Below we will discuss the main advantages of using a proxy server.

Benefits of using a proxy

Besides hiding your home IP address, a proxy server has other great benefits. This staging server ensures safe browsing on the Internet as the user remains anonymous. In addition, it filters online content, bypasses location restrictions, monitors downloads / uploads, provides access to international websites, and ensures the privacy of web users.

How to setup

Configuring a proxy server in Google Chrome is similar to configuring it in browsers such as Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and others. Just follow the instructions below:

Open your browser and click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen;
Click on “Settings”, scroll down and click on “Advanced”;
Down again until you find the System option;
Click “Open computer proxy settings”;
In the window, find “Automatically detect settings” and activate this option if you have a VPN;
If you don’t have a VPN installed, go to “Manual proxy settings” and enable this option to enter the proxy address.

Proxies in companies
Just like in a home environment, a proxy server protects the user’s privacy and keeps those who have Internet access in the company anonymous browsing. In addition, this intermediate server provides administrative control over the network and prevents confidential company information from being “leaked” when employees access the intranet into the open network and turning it into a target of hackers.

Users without a proxy
When the proxy server is not in use, the ISP has access to all websites that the user views. There are two reasons that lead a provider to track navigation. The first is to limit the connection speed as data consumption increases. The second reason is to expose the habits of netizens to online advertising companies without the user’s knowledge.

Proxy or VPN?
The advantages of using a proxy are good. But what about using a virtual private network (VPN)? According to experts, VPNs are more profitable than proxies for several reasons. One of them is an almost automatic installation. Another important reason is that a VPN protects the user from more sophisticated cyberattacks, unlike proxies. The latter cannot prevent phishing on websites (for example, the disclosure of passwords and CPFs).

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