Be Fashionable Yet Comfortable This Winter – All You Need to Know About Cashmere Scarves

The winters are coming and we are looking for trendy jackets, boots, sweaters, socks, and scarves. What is that one thing which makes your winter’s wardrobe complete? Scarves. If there is a huge collection of scarves in the shopping mall, you must know that the winters are coming and everyone is rushing to buy scarves.

What we don’t like about winters is the discomfort we get because of the itchy scarves made of wool. It feels so uncomfortable in the neck and some people even get rashes due to it. If this is your problem, cashmere wool is the fabric for you.

Cashmere and its types:

Cashmere goats are animals that live in China and Mongolia. This yarn comes from the undercoat of these goats and is a little expensive because of the complex process manufacturing process and sourcing of raw materials. Around 2-3 goats create one piece of garment and this justifies its high price.

The cost of buying is compensated well as it looks very luxurious and is popular in the fashion industry. It is soft and naturally made delicate fabric that catches your eye instantly. The best part of this wool-blend is that it is not itchy and is extremely warm.

There are different types of cashmere depending on the environmental conditions where the animal, it was extracted from, lives. The most luxurious cashmere comes from the Himalayan area where the goats have fine and warm hair that is super soft.

Where to buy cashmere scarves?

You can find the best quality cashmere scarves at the Oats & Rice Collection that offers hand-woven wool rugs from Tibet and premium quality cashmere scarves made in Mongolia. Their beige scarves collection is one of its kind and a must-buy for fashion enthusiasts this winter.

To buy your winter collection of scarves online, visit:

How to look for the best quality?

It is a common thing to note that the higher the percentage of cashmere, the higher is the quality of the product. It is usually mixed with silk to get better softness without excess pilling. If your product is 100% cashmere, you can see some small bobbles on the fabric.

You must also look for a tighter knitted fabric. If the fabric is strong and warm, it will last longer and give utmost results. You must choose bright colours as it indicates the cleanliness of the Cashmere and quality dying.

Benefits of buying Cashmere:

Still confused if you want to buy it or not? We will help you. Here are some benefits to buying Cashmere wool:

  • Three times warmer than any other sheep’s wool.
  • Soft and breathable fabric
  • Not too heavy to carry
  • Saves your money by limiting the use of anti-rash creams for your neck
  • Never gets old fashioned
  • Easy to wash and maintain
  • Luxurious and long-lasting

Cashmere scarves are one of the best things to gift to people of any age. They come in different styles and colours as per your choice. Get yourself ready for the winters, wear trendy Cashmere scarves!

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