Are You the Best Candidate for Breast Lift?

Having sagging breasts is normal to women after giving birth. However, your breasts may drop to the extreme, thus making you feel shy and ashamed when you meet your friends or family members. Some may develop stress because of their sagging breasts. A breast lift is a cosmetic surgery that can be used to lift your breasts and give them shape. This surgery involves the removal of excessive skin and then tightening the remaining skin. Most women may like to have a breast lift, but there are some factors that may get them disqualified. If you are interested in having a breast lift, consider visiting specialists at breast lift in Fort Worth health center.  Below are the primary candidates for a breast lift.

The primary candidates for breast lift

Many women would like to restore the size and shape of their breasts. However, some may qualify while others may not. If you have the following signs, then you are the right candidate for a breast lift.

  •       If your overall body health is excellent. After an examination, if your body is free from diseases, you can undergo a breast lift. On the other hand, if you are diagnosed with conditions such as leukemia, diabetes, and breast cancer, you are not a qualified candidate for a breast lift.
  •       Women with saggy breasts and unhappy with the size. If your breasts are saggy, you are the perfect candidate for the lift. However, you may have fine breasts, but unfairly big, you can undergo breast reduction.
  •       If your nipples are pointing down. Women’s nipples are fine and smart when they point forward. Extreme breast sag may make your nipple face downwards.  During breast lifting, your doctor will position your nipple so that they won’t face down.
  •       Breast implants are best for non-pregnant women. Non-pregnant women are qualified to have a breast lift since there is no baby to feed on them. However, a pregnant woman cannot undergo breast lift since the surgery may affect the production of milk.

What you are supposed to do after a successful breast surgery

There are a variety of things you have to avoid for the sake of your recovery. Some of them include:

  •       You should avoid lying on your stomach to prevent your breasts from swelling. When your breasts keep on swelling, they may take time to recover, thus hindering your daily routine.
  •       Do not smoke or drink alcohol until you are completely healed. Cigarettes and alcohol cause dehydration, which may cause the surgical wounds to crack and bleed.
  •       Do not wear a bra that poses a lot of pressure on your breasts. However, it is better if you stay without a bra for some time after the surgery. A tight bra can lead to the reopening of the surgical wound resulting in bleeding.  

A breast lift is a cosmetic surgery that can reduce the size of your breasts or enhance their size. Saggy breasts can lower your self-esteem and self-confidence. To have the best outcome after surgery, it is essential that you find a qualified doctor with a lot of experience.

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