All That You Need To Know About Hypospadias

Hypospadias is a certain congenital disorder where the opening of the urethra is developed on the underside of the penis rather than the tip. The urethra is a tube through which urine flushes out from the bladder and exits the body. It is a common occurrence seen in males that can be treated through surgery.

What are the symptoms of Hypospadias?

The opening of the urethra is usually located at the tip of the penis. Still, when the location of the urethra is located somewhere below the penis or beneath the scrotum, then the problem arises. Here are some of the symptoms that can help you understand the signs of Hypospadias.

  • The opening of the urethra when located somewhere other than the tip of the penis.
  • The downward curvature of the penis commonly referred to as “chordee,” is another sign.
  • A penis may appear hooded because only the top part of the penis is covered with foreskin.
  • Difficulty in urinating because of spraying.

What are the causes?

There could be various factors associated with Hypospadias. But the root cause of this problem is still unknown. But the most probable ones that could impact the infant’s birth are as follows:

Genetic problems– Certain gene variations could affect and disrupt the hormones that help form male genitals leading to the development of this disorder.

A family history– This could be a common problem in the family of the infant. An infant may get it because of family history.

Pregnancy after 35– The researchers suggest that if a certain female delivers a baby after 35 years, then there is a high possibility that the infant may develop this disease.

Exposure to certain chemicals during pregnancy– A team of experts is still speculating this. Studies say that there could be an association between Hypospadias and mother’s exposure to various chemicals, pesticides, or some hormones during pregnancy.

Multiple abnormalities– It could also be caused by intersex conditions or a syndrome like multiple abnormalities.

What are the complications related to Hypospadias?

Usually, almost all the cases of Hypospadias are treated in childhood leading to no problem at all. But if proper treatment is not administered to the people on time, then it could lead to some of the abnormalities as following:

  • The penis could appear abnormal.
  • Using a toilet could be difficult.
  • During an erection, the curvature of the penis could turn out to be weird.
  • Impaired or premature ejaculation

The treatment of Hypospadias repair is usually done under local anesthesia. The supplements block the nerve channel leading to the penis. TIP repair, i.e., “tubularized incised plate,” is a surgery performed on an individual having this issue. It extends the urinary channel to the desired location, making it appear like a normal penis with the urethra. This treatment is effective in treating almost all the cases related to the abnormalities of a male genital. If you have any problems or symptoms related, just don’t delay it and consult with a Doctor.

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