Aesthetic Dental Fillings; What You Should Know

Are you aware that almost every individual in the world has some form of tooth decay? Usually, teeth decay occurs due to poor dental hygiene. Hence, it is possible to prevent tooth decay problems by practicing good oral hygiene habits.

 You can treat tooth decay with an aesthetic dental filling in New York that involves sealing the cavity to prevent the decay from progressing. 286 Madison Dental practice offers advanced options for restoring your smile, including tooth-colored fillings. Please book your appointment today by calling their office or online.

What are aesthetic dental fillings?

A dental filling is the cleaning out of tooth decay and then using special material to fill and seal the cavity preventing further decay. Amalgam fillings have been the readily available option for many years.

The fillings are long-lasting and close the decayed area up, protecting the tooth from further decay. However, their appearance is not appealing and is usually visible when eating, speaking, or laughing. Hence, it may not be your best option.

On the other hand, aesthetic dental fillings offer your protection and restore your tooth function with materials that take up the shade of your natural teeth.

What is dental bonding?

Dental bonding is a tooth restorative method that uses composite resin material to fill the cavities. The composite resin occurs by a combination of resin and glass particles.

The dental experts at 286 Madison Dental design the bonding material shade in such a way it matches with your tooth tissue material. Once done, the new filling looks like your natural tooth.

Your provider can also use dental bonding to create a small tooth or fill a gap between your teeth. The treatment takes about 30-60 minutes to enhance your new smile with no downtime.

What are inlays and Onlays?

Dental inlays or onlays are forms of aesthetic dental fillings designed to fit the exact shape of your cavity and the portion surrounding tissue.

Inlays cover in your tooth grooves and do not extend beyond the tooth’s biting surface. While onlays fit over the cusps. Both inlays and onlays provide strong and durable restorations.

The 286 Madison Dental team uses the CEREC system to make custom dental crowns, including inlays and onlays in the office. Hence, you get your results immediately.

When do I need dental fillings?

Usually, you may need a filling if you have a gap or cavity in your tooth surface. Your dentist may recommend aesthetic fillings for

  •         Correction of more minor enamel defects
  •         Aesthetic correction of discolored surfaces
  •         For the filling cavities in the area of the front teeth, premolars, and molars

What are the advantages of aesthetic dental fillings?

  •         It fits together with the tooth material perfectly
  •         Its surface is abrasion-resistant
  •         They are non-allergic
  •         Its color matches with any tooth shade
  •         Changes color with teeth
  •         It only requires a single appointment
  •         Lifetime of multiple regular fillings

Contact an aesthetic dental filling specialist today.

Aesthetic dental fillings are a good option for a restorative treatment, as they are durable, strong, and blend well with your natural teeth color. At 286 Madison Dental, they offer practical and same-day aesthetic dental fillings that restore your smile immediately. Call their office today to book your consultation.

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