Advantages of choosing an off-road caravan

A genuine off-road caravan is purpose-built for an off-grid lifestyle. They have the ability to go anywhere. Off-road caravans are specifically constructed for an intrepid traveler with the mind so that he can easily indulge in free camping off the beaten track for long periods. All these caravans are designed for ultimate adventure and are super fit to trek unchartered territory.

Off-road caravans are built on rock solid foundations, so that they can hit the road to nowhere. Most of the off-road caravans have a ‘beefed-up’ frame and chassis, solar capacities, increased battery and heavy-duty suspension. There are many advantages to choose an off-road caravan as compared to road based ones.

These are some advantages of choosing an off road caravan:

  • Freedom

One of the main reasons that people love to buy an off-road caravan, is the freedom of travelling to most places. Instead of just being limited to gravel tracks and caravan parks, one can enjoy and head towards their favorite spots like fishing or on any adventure trail. The choices are unlimited and one feels great that hunting for an appropriate accommodation is no longer an issue.

  • Built tough for tough off road conditions

Off road caravans for sale are built and designed tough for the knocks and bumps which are quite often subject to on or off tracks. The chassis is built much stronger and is fitted higher off the ground level to provide improved ground clearance.

They are planned to work well with the towing vehicle and have a better articulation. This means it is navigated or positioned at a sharper angle in comparison to an on road based caravan. Along with this design, plus a sturdy departure angle at the back provides better towing of the caravan, over river banks and through deep groves without the risk of bottoming out.

Many models of off road caravan have waterproof windows, compartments and doors to prevent excess water from getting in during creek crossing or floods.

  • Space

If you have newly taken up caravanning, the trouble and pain of shifting might be ongoing. Many people do not prefer caravanning as they think they are not spacious. However, nowadays they are designed with bigger passageways, bathrooms, beds, cupboards, seats and shelves for a luxurious stay.

  • Extra equipment

Manufacturers of off road caravans for sale have realized that people will like to take their caravans away from shopping centers and towns, so they mostly incorporate added amenities and latest equipment. There are manufacturers who even design customized layouts, add optional things based on your requirements.  Some advanced off road caravans may include:

  1. Ungraded communications
  2. Huge fresh water tanks
  3. Ungraded servicing equipment and recovery gear
  4. Spare gas cylinders
  5. Spare solar panels
  6. Spare batteries
  7. Bigger black and grey water tanks
  8. Extra storage areas

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