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 It all starts in our minds, how we feel, react to things, and take life as a whole; our thoughts affect all of it. What you think you are, is what you become; that’s how powerful your thoughts are. Mental health is not only about mental illness and diseases it’s also about how you feel, behave, and relate with and about everything. Although many individuals presume that mental illnesses are genetically acquired, factors such as psychological, environmental, and substance abuse contribute to mental disorders. Americas TMS Center specializes in offering mental health treatments to enable people to live healthy, happy lives. The Irvine psychiatry practice works with individuals, schools, foster homes, and other social institutions to ensure mental health.

Many individuals suffer from mental health disorders, including children with a lot more being at risk of acquiring diseases. Not many people can identify the disease, and even doctors use medical history, psychological, and behavioral characteristics to diagnose the conditions. Most common symptoms of mental health disorders include lack of sleep or appetite or increased sleeping and appetite, feeling sad, extreme mood changes, confused thinking, inability to cope with stress, withdrawal from friends and activities. If you experience any of the above and other symptoms, it’s essential you seek medical help. Americas TMS Center is committed to improving people’s lives by providing mental illness treatments and therapies and preventive psychiatric.

Located in Irvine, California, the practice serves its patients with quality and compassionate care. The team at America TMS Center consists of dedicated and experienced practitioners that use safe and efficient approaches, including advanced medical technology, to provide individualized treatment options to their patients. They use transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy to treat patients suffering from depression, neurological, and other psychiatric conditions. This therapy is safe and efficient and doesn’t require psychiatric medication. They offer services such as


Psychotherapy is the primary form of treatment for many mental health disorders; it involves many types of therapies for every mental health patient and problem. Americas TMS Center uses various therapies, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, collaborative problem solving, and family and play therapy, to solve and treat many mental disorders. Visit them today to learn more about their services.


Depression is a mental health condition common amongst many individuals; when severe, it can even lead to suicide. If you are struggling with depression, call the Americas TMS Center today to get help.

Americas TMS Center provides medical help and treatments to patients of all ages suffering from mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Led by Alejandra Suzuki, MD, and a board-certified psychiatrist and TMS specialist, they are compassionate and caring, committed to providing quality and effective services. They strive to meet every patient’s needs through advanced customized treatments. They focus on helping patients, including children, achieve their mental health. They are friendly and welcoming to all their patients providing a warm environment to their patients, making them feel at home. Visit them today for all your mental health needs for services you won’t regret.

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