A Trusted Laser Hair Removal Specialist in Memphis

When you require cosmetic services to make you look more youthful, then at A Beautiful You Medical Spa, you will find a reliable expert specializing in cosmetic procedures. The experts at the clinic offer services such as laser hair removal in Memphis using advanced techniques and technology. Their focus is to get you looking more youthful at the facility, enabling you to be more confident in your natural body.

Many people are opting for effective hair removal solutions to permanently forget about the recurring task of waxing, tweezing, and shaving. With the laser hair removal offered at the facility, you can get permanent and dramatic removal of unwanted hair.

How does the procedure work?

When you walk in to spa, the experts will harness the power of laser energy to destroy the body’s ability to create new hair in the treated areas. The specialists use Venus Velocity laser, which is a state-of-the-art technique of removing hair. The laser from this technique is safe for use, versatile, and effective in offering hair removal treatments. Whatever your skin type, this technique has proved to be a guaranteed solution for many patients.

When you visit their clinic, the staff will be able to remove hair from your:

  •   Face
  •   Back
  •   Arms
  •   Legs
  •   Underarms
  •   Bikini areas

The provider will pass the laser over the area you desire to get hair removed. This directs laser energy down into the hair follicles, which absorb the energy, get heated, and ultimately destroys it. These hair follicles that get the laser energy lose the ability to repair themselves, meaning you get permanent hair removal.

How many laser sessions will you require for positive results?

Hair follicles are better treated when they are in the anagen or growth stage. Therefore, repeating the treatment procedure increases the laser energy’s effectiveness in destroying the repairing ability of the follicles. Generally, at A Beautiful Medical Spa, you will be treated 4-6 times to leave your body as smooth as possible.

What to expect after your laser treatment

You can expect to have a permanent solution to your hair removal needs after your laser treatment. The team of specialists at the spa has many years of hair removal treatment, and you can expect immediate results after the procedure is complete. They also provide several hair removals packages according to your unique needs. The techniques used guarantee positive results, and you will also get advice on how to improve your overall appearance.

Other services offered at the beauty clinic

Apart from hair removal treatment, the clinic offers other beauty services that include:

  •   Skin rejuvenation
  •   Body contouring
  •   Hydrafacial
  •   Microneedling
  •   MiraDry permanent sweat reduction
  •   Skin tightening
  •   Chemical peels

For all your beauty needs, the team of experts at the facility has the best personalized treatment options. The staff are friendly and accommodating and are always at hand to provide any assistance you may require. The facility offers a free consultation as they work closely with you to identify the right treatment unique to your needs.

If you require hair removal treatment in Memphis, A Beautiful You Medical Spa has all the right solutions. You can call to book an appointment to start your journey of getting a smooth body permanently.

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